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High Alk Phosphatase, SGPT/ALT and BUN


Hi, i am very worried about blood chemistry of my husband which came out today and we were supposed to go for checkup with our med onco also today but unfortunately he is out of the country and dont know who to ask 😔

Here are the results:

Alk Phosphatase: 138 U/L


BUN: 7.9 mmol/L

We will be going out of the country starting tom Sep 1-17 and the earliest we can see and ask our doctor is on Sept 18. I dont want anything bad happening while we are out of the country so Id appreciate your inputs as to what we can do to lower them down.



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ALP is normal (range 44-147 IU/L). SGPT/ALT is elevated (normal range: 7-56 U/L). He may be taking supplements (e.g., omega-3s, anti-oxidants) that are hard on the liver. BUN is very slightly elevated (normal range 2.5-7.1 nmol/L). Those aren't too bad. Cut out all supplements. Go on the trip. Re-test when you get back.

dvcarola in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks Allen, he already stopped taking omega 3s about 2-3 wks ago

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