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Mets to lungs


I see a lot of folks here who have Mets to bones.I have mets to lungs and I am wondering if anybody else here has the same condition and what type of treatments they are getting and their experience with this type of mets. I am stage 4 and just finished up my first round of chemo along with prednisone,casodex and Lupron.I have been told this is a very aggressive form of prostate cancer not sure why it has not spread to my bones yet or is that something I will be seeing soon? Thanks !!

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Hi Redbank. My husband has Mets to lungs and so far never to bones. They showed up about 3 years ago after a C11 scan. The lesions lung and lymph nodes were removed in a lung wedge resection and were pCa positive. He started ADT shortly afterward, added Casodex. Had a Provenge. stopped Casodex changed to Xtandi.

He is approaching 18 year anniversary with prostate cancer.

If Xtandi quits and he agrees to it we will try targeted gene or chemo therapy or maybe lut 177. He currently has lesions in lung and esophagus that I would like to have zapped but can find no one Willing to do.

He is asymptomatic except for treatment side effects.

You will find many here with lung Mets if you search “lung Mets”.

I had extensive nodules in my lungs at diagnosis, but never had a biopsy to see if they were cancer. 6 months after chemo they were gone so I'm fairly sure they were prostate cancer. Hopefully your treatments will be effective against them.

Hi Redbank, Have you had your August scans yet? Will that be just the second scan you had since diagnosis? If on treatment and everything else responds and lung nodules stay the same it may be something else. The big queston is will they see any change on scans. I had a 3cm lung nodule on original scan , and when I responded to initial treatment and other sites decreased while 3 cm lung nodule did not change one way or the other it was determined to be an unrelated benign event, perhaps a scar or a fold in my lung tissue they said.I was also seen to have nodules in my hilar (connecting tube to lungs) about 4 years ago, so far they have been controlled through current Systemic treatments for prostate Cancer. Perhaps it would be helpful if you gave your current stats in your profile or in your post such as starting psa, current psa, Gleason, treatments , Side effects you are experiencing ect... I wish you the best with these scans. I think you should see a good response with current treatment..


You see, prostate cancer can spread to different places, and most commonly it spreads to the bones and lymphnodes first. Some prostate cancers change over time and spread to organs such as lung and liver. So, yes, it sounds like your cancer is quite aggressive in the sense that it spread immediately to the lung.

I hope you are tolerating the Chemo well. Please keep us posted.


How do I quit fussing over the psa? I’m driving myself crazy. It went from 4300 on diagnosis to a 7. But I keep reading everyone else goes to less than 4 after chemo. You seem like you have been thru this and I could use some words of advice.diagnosis 1 year ago. Too many mets to mention. No organ involvement so far.

Okay, I will try...

I take it from what you are saying that you were diagnosed last year and your cancer has spread outside the prostate with numerous mets. Are the mets in bones mostly?

It sounds like your PSA has dropped significantly through the treatments you have been having. A PSA of 7 is not very high. Also, remember, that the PSA is only one indicator for cancer activity and often not very reliable. So you do need scans always to make sure that you know what is going on.

Now here is the thing. I don't know about the lung, but I suppose it is th4e same here. When the cancer spreads to places such as lung, liver, kidney, etc. the cancer often changes. We then call it endocrine. And those cancer don't show PSA. So whether your PSA is low or not doesn't say anything about the lung involvement. Because the PSA has dropped, I would imagine that the therapies you are having are working on the bone mets but in order to find out about the lung you will have to do scans.

Is that understandable?

I am not a doctor of course, but from my own experience with my husband I would definitely recommend scans and I agree to what was said here before: Tell us what your treatments have been to date and how you are experiencing side-effects.


Scans every three month. Six rounds of chemo and now we wait. He’s been off chemo since end of feb and psa has stayed stable at 7. It seems like everyone goes down to nadir after chemo and he never did. More scans in sept. Nothing in organs yet. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about the psa ?

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Lungs were ok last scan in June

Hi Redbank, I have had mets to my pleura(the lining of the lung) on my left side for 10 years. I also have hilar nodes and perhaps one small lung lesion. Never to my bones in 21 years. You can see my course and data in my profile here.

Last year the lesions began to grow despite Enzalutamide and Provenge. When they were large enough I was biopsied in February. My PCa has morphed into small cell neuroendocrine cancer. I have just completed chemotherapy for palliation. My pleural effusion drainage is decreased and I am awaiting a PET scan later this month. Hoping for a treatment holiday to let my bone marrow recover.

My next therapy will be Olaparib which is targeted therapy based on the tumor genetics from the biopsy.

Meanwhile my PCa is clearly resistant to ADT as my PSA is at an all time high of 45.

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Which gene did they find that they thought Olaparib would target?

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I have trouble with the language they use. This is from my record:

My tumor:

GEP with ATM mutation.

Of note, MSI-S, low tumor burden indicating poor chance of responding to immunotherapy.

It spread to my lung, specifically the plurea or lining. However my airways are clear and scored 98% on all breathing tests. It invaded my thoracic spine had radiation at t8 but light pain throughout day. Nothing with lungs thank God. My med background is same as yours but they added xgeva for bones. Diag Jan 2018

My thought is lung mets would be much more common if advanced scans were more available and used. The only reason my husbands lung was resected and biopsied was because the docs at U of Mn didn’t think it was pCa.

Just food for thought.... and may not apply here.... and could be apples to oranges,, but I'll post it again anyway. Have Lung melanoma and treated with Keytruda... it's working at $30k per treatment.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Monday 08/06/2018 9:36 PM EDT

Thanks everyone for your information .I have scans on Thursday . Some of the issues I have been having are lot of pain to ribs and thighs . Had a spinal scan last week and didn't show any issues with mets to spine just a bad back (lol comes with age I guess).Gods speed to everybody. p.s. it's hard for me to remember all of my stats sorry I have to look it up all the time from my online chart and every time I do it kind of gets me down.I'll try to do better with this as I know it does help folks form there thoughts on this monster!...

'p.s. it's hard for me to remember all of my stats sorry I have to look it up all the time from my online chart and every time I do it kind of gets me down.'


Your not alone thinking like that!

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Thursday 08/09/2018 10:39 PM EDT

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