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Clinical Trial For LU-177 PSMA Metastatic PCa

I just emailed the principle investigator and they are recruiting now


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I participated in this trial at Excel Diagnostics. Unfortunately it did not work for me. I withdrew from the trial after two treatments as scans showed desease progression and my PSA did not decline.

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Were you given information on the costs to participate? If so, please share.


The PSMA scan cost $5k and the LU177 treatment is $10.5k/treatment.


I was inquiring about this phase II trial that’s still open at UCLA, and Texas, and I got this reply back:

Phase II- Insurance is most probably not covering costs as is it not FDA approved, however, the phase 3 trial will be paid for by the company Endocyte.

Kind regards,

Jeannine Gartmann

Research Coordinator

UCLA Nuclear Medicine

310 206 73 72 (office)

310 206 48 99 (fax)


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