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I am taking a vacation


After having joined HealthUnlocked in September 2016, I am taking a vacation commencing today and I want to disappear from the scene.

I take this opportunity to thank my dear brothers and sisters in this community for sharing their knowledge, experience,research information and expressing their candid opinions, inspirational words, close feelings - just to mention a few, that I embrace to my heart; that makes me fearless to fight against my PCa unto death.

Hoping to reappear in March this year, I wish you all Peace, Happiness and Good Health!


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We will miss you and you valuable comments. See you in March!


Will miss you, but enjoy the vacation. Looking forward to your return.


Sisira, As soon as I show up to the party you leave? Not nice! ;-). Enjoy.

Best Wishes


Peace and blessings, Sisira. Take care.

Please enjoy you time away. Peace, love and happiness.


Sisira, I thank you for your responses to my recent comments, and wish you all the best. See you when you get back! Leo

Have a great vacation.


You will be missed! Can’t wait to hear back from you in March. Enjoy your vacation and may you be blessed with good health!

Have fun!


So you are off for a bit of hibernation? Zzzzzz

Great vacation. Enjoy

We all need a break from cancer now and then. Go enjoy life and forget about it for awhile, Sisira!

Re -charge your soul...returning refreshed..Bon voyage.

That's Rad!

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 01/10/2018 9:07 PM EST

I'm so happy you're vacationing you and your brain Sisira. Your reply's, knowledge and comments are certainly missed.... as are you. Big hugs,


Sending great wishes your way Sisira. Hoping you're enjoying every second.

Most sincere,


How are you doing Sisira?

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