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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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New to the community, preparing for the future

55 when I was diagnosed in August, 2012. My initial PSA was 3.40 ng/ml, Gleason Score was 6, staged T2a. My choice of treatment was External Beam Radiation (Proton Beam). I was 55, active and feared being on pads or fighting ED, I also felt the treatment was as good as others in terms of success. I finished treatment in December 2012. After having my PSA slowly creep up to 2.2 in 2016 I went to Arizona to have a Acetate PET scan that confirmed a recurrence of cancer. It appeared to be confined to the prostate so I went in search of salvage treatment. I settled on Dr Onik in Florida who performed Cryo and irreversible electroporation (IRE) in February 2017. PSA was .3 at first check .4 at second and .7 at the third. The next test will be at the end of this month and if it goes over 1 I will be considered recurrent again and will start to look at my options. I have been trying to avoid hormones but may not have any choice at this point. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

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Can I ask where you got that PET scan? I live in Arizona. ADT (hormone treatment) isn't that bad; many here are all too familiar with it. Good luck with your treatments.


Phoenix molecular imaging, Dr Fabio Almeidia. It is a clinical trial and there is out of pocket cost. Somewhere around 5K , gave me the results the day of the scan.

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Kevin I am considering proton therapy. I've been told either radio active seeds or proton therapy would be my best option. I am a Gleason 6 stage t1c 7 out of 12 Have cancer most are 5%

1 is 30%

1 is 80%

Where did you have your proton therapy done

How many treatments in how much radiation did you have


Hi Steve

I had mine at UPenn, I had my treatment on an hypofractionated schedule of 28 teratments, I don't remember the amount of radiation though it was close to what I would have had over the normal schedule. I had no side effects from Proton treatment, unfortunately it did not work for me.



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