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Chemobrain When 4+4 = 7

Very little research has been done on chemo and the nervous system. Neuropathy or damage to the nerves in the hands and feet is a common side effect of chemo. Now it turns out nerves in the brain may also be damaged. Who knows if this is true but below is a recent pic of Jewish scholar Dr. Nalakrats playing Hava Nagila after 9 weeks of BIRM therapy.


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It might be true that chemo damages your brain. But on the other hand, your brain won't do you much good if the cancer kills you. Many of us who are doing chemo are doing it purely to survive a bit longer. I guess I'll just have to take my chances.


Gus, I always wondered what Dr. Nal looks like, so thanks.

I read the other link too, & here's the key part: "From many sources of data, we now know patients experience impairments not just after chemo, but after surgery, radiation, hormonal therapy," and other treatments, said Patricia Ganz, M.D., an oncologist and director of Cancer Prevention and Control Research at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.

My wife & I both noticed that my short-term memory wasn't as good after my RP 14 years ago. I thought it was because the path report identified micrometastases to pelvic lymph nodes, which was an emotional shock. But maybe there was a physical impact. It makes a lot of sense that radiation & especially hormones don't help, either. And if the treatments go on long enough, how do you separate the impact of treatments from the impact of aging?

As Gregg notes for chemo, we do these things to stay alive, & we'd rather be alive with some brain fog than depart from the planet. If anyone knows how to combat it, & the side effects aren't a deal-breaker, I'd like to hear about it.

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I completely agree with the comments above.

Since Chemotherapy is such an intense therapy, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it could impair brain cells as well as potentially all other cells in the body, nerves and so forth.

But as long as all these changes/side effects are tolerable and the person can still live a good live and live a little longer, I think it is worth it.


Not even close: 6 ft. tall, at 194 lbs, with a 33 inch waist, and a 47 inch chest, with 17 inch biceps. I would on my birthday attempt to lift 400 lbs once a year, to see if my maximum strength was still with me. I failed this year. I can only take 360 for one Rep. Getting older really sucks. But I still have that Life Guard Body as I did at 20, and still have the speedo I wore in those days.

But on to serious stuff---chemo can do much to create post treatment harm, besides the treatment harm. One of the major benefits of BIRM, is if you take the 7X concentrate while doing Chemo, it prevents hair loss, brittle nails, and pallid skin, as well as giving you energy increase, to counteract, the energy depletion of chemo. Many testimonials for the above.

But as for me I will avoid chemo, unless it is down to life or death--and I still might choose death, at least I would feel better in my last days.




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Hey Gus,

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