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Has anyone heard about low frequency treatments for cancer cells? My son brought it to my attention after researching on the internet. Apparently this treatment was invented back in 1939 by a German or Russian physicist and it has had very good results in attacking cancerous cells. The article goes on to say that our pharmaceutical industry does not want you to know about this because it would put a tremendous damper on their business and profits. Cancer is a multi billion dollar industry and after years of research and billions of dollars spent on research, nothing new except more drugs that extend your life long enough for the pharmaceutical industry to reap more profits as long as they can. I know they sell the machines but not sure the cost. Also, has anyone tried THC (marijuana) to reduce tumor growth?

I am looking at alternative methods versus the established drug methods that we have been subjected to.

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  • LP16,

    If you look up how radiation, surgery, androgen deprivation and other established treatments work you'll find a huge body of scientific research and clinical trials that describe both the physiological and biochemical theories and the empirical evidence for why they are used. Pick up an oncology textbook one day. Pick up a book on molecular biology or biochemistry. What you'll find is an extraordinarily rich collection of scientific material accumulated by the hard work of hundreds of thousands or millions of scientists working over the last 175 years.

    Then look at Rife's theory. He said bacteria are the cause of cancer - something now known to be false. He said that he had found a radio frequency that kills bacteria, but it is now known that the frequency he uses doesn't kill bacteria. It's too low and, if he knew modern physics he would know why - because the energy of radio waves is proportional to the frequency of the waves and that, in order to affect molecules (e.g., force an electron from a lower to a higher energy state thereby making the atom it is a part of more reactive) he needs higher frequencies such as are used by radiation oncologists.

    When I hear some alternative medical practitioner say that "establishment medicine" or "cancer doctors" or whatever are hiding the cures for cancer (or any disease you choose) in order to protect their incomes, my fraud meter pegs at high and I put my hand over my wallet.

    Rife was an American working at a time (1920) when nobody really knew what cancer is, much less what causes it and our modern understanding of physics, chemistry, and molecular biology are a hundred years beyond what he learned. I think he can be forgiven for making mistakes about this, though he cannot be forgiven if he promoted his theories without testing them - which he apparently did.

    Here's a very gentle, civilized, cautious, explanation of why you shouldn't try Rife:


    Here's the rough, no holds barred, Quackwatch version:


    Do doctors know all of the science? Unfortunately, many of them don't. But you can bet your boots that the scientists who developed the drugs and the treatments in "establishment" medicine do know the science. I've met some of them, and there are a few in this group. Read some of pjoshea13's postings for a sample.

    Cancer is a serious disease. Please don't trust the alternative medicine folks over the folks that did real research and real clinical trials.


  • Outstanding Reply, Alan!

    Just the other day my next door neighbor's Gardener passed along to me his daughter's recommendation to look into Rife Machines! Unfortunately, the Internet is rife with Rife ads and misinformation.


  • Frankly, I am tired of being told about miracle cures, ctarleton. Ginger, pomegranate juice, scotch bonnet peppers, vitamin D, soursop, magnetic fields, even just drinking masses of water -- to name just a few. I know the people who tell me of such things are mean well, but I am fed up of making appreciative comments when I know that such things are quackery. (Being a Brit, my manners dictate that I have to make quiet, appreciative comments, when what I really want to do is rant and rave.) This sounds like yet another of those fake miraculous cures.

  • Brent,

    I'm sorry that you feel that vitamin D & Rife machines belong together in a list of quack products. PubMed has 1,186 PCa papers on the former & zero for the latter.

    You don't want to hear of miracle cures, but I have never seen vitamin D described as such.

    If a known vitamin (really an essential hormone) has no value, I suppose that it doesn't matter what we eat either.

    Some who have tried supplements & nonetheless progressed, ditch their otc products & put their faith in the 'miracle cures' created by BigPharma. Alas, there are no cures.

    With such a poor mean-time-to-failure for all PCa drugs, younger men, especially, need complementary approaches that might give them a survival edge.

    Five years ago, my doctor told me he was surprised that I was still alive. I am too, but I know the reason - I can distinguish between quackery & useful science.

    Best, -Patrick

  • Patrick:

    What are you relying on as your main supplements and/or diet to stave the advance?

  • Do a search using "Foods/Supplements-Vitamins:". I have a ton of posts that provide information that might allow you to draw your own conclusions. Not everyone, perhaps, would make the same decisions.

    My emphasis is on:

    - elimation of inflammation. Polyphenols.

    - combatting altered coagulation (to remove metastasis potential) - nattokinase.

    - metformin.

    - a statin to inhibit PCa cholesterol uptake / synthesis.

    - Avodart to limit DHT.

    - melatonin

    ... but I do a lot more.


  • Alan,

    Thank you for the very detailed explanation regarding low frequency radiation. It looks like you are either in the medical field or scientific field. I appreciate your input and explanation. As everybody else, sometimes you get frustrated and angry regarding your personal situation and lash out. The links you provided were very helpful.



  • I'm not a professional scientist, I just play one on the Internet :)

    I'm a former computer programmer who spent many years working at the U.S. National Cancer Institute. Working there I met some of the scientists who do research and also got interested in science myself and began reading books on chemistry and biology. I learned something about how difficult this research is, how hard the scientists have to work to develop new understandings, and how members of the worldwide scientific community each study each other's work, contribute their own bits of research, and keep advancing the state of our knowledge.

    One day I was invited by a friend to visit the lab of one of the NCI biochemists. They had found a previously unknown protein in a cell and were trying to figure out what it was and what it did. They managed to crystallize a sample of the protein, bombard it with x-rays to get a diffraction pattern, and were analyzing the pattern with a combination of computer analysis and human experience to figure out what it was. It was fascinating to watch as a Bulgarian physical chemist working in the lab showed me his computer model and explained that he was pretty sure that a dot on the screen had to be the alpha carbon of an amino acid and that he had a good idea which amino acid it was.

    I was mightily impressed. I'm sure that the quacks that Ty Bollinger interviews in his "Truth About Cancer" videos couldn't do that kind of work and, worse, don't think this kind of scientific research is necessary to cure cancer (assuming they even want to cure cancer, as opposed to just selling fake treatments.)


  • Shooting down quackery (and done very politely) isn't "lashing out".

  • Excellent reply!

  • Very well put, Alan.

  • Well said

  • Wow! Once again Alan you have come forward to safeguard the truth.


  • Alan,

    Thank You, Thank you! for your comments. This kind of crap drives me crazy. People do not even take the time to understand the definition of what a scientific FACT is. Without that, you are doomed to walk in ignorance!

  • Annoying to hear the conspiracy theory argument used to defend quackery. When it comes to listening to that kind of stuff sorry, we "don't suffer fools gladly". I don't feel inclined to be polite. There is a real danger in people buying the "Rife" or "colloidal silver" BS and not getting effective treatment.

  • Was it BEMER?

  • The Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation company has a story of a Pca patient who cured himself from using it. I don't know about that but BEMER is increasingly used worldwide for other health issues quite effectively.

  • My son-in-law drives a bemer. No wait, that's something else.


  • Wish I still drove, BEMER or VW. LOL

  • And at times these days, I wish I could beam up, up, and away. LOL

  • Where is the proof by a 3rd party with out financial interest. If it sounds to good to be true it usually is.


  • BEMER is FDA approved but I needed to check further given it seemed too good still. The science shows Bemer increases the blood's ability to deliver oxygen further thoughout the body, improving the body's natural functions.

    I'm just a member here & leery of most any medical.

    Manufacturer updates equipment when available for no charge and offers more. It's been used in Europe and South Africa. Currently use is growing in the US and worldwide.

    Check and decide for yourself. Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation, B.E.M.E.R., from Germany.

  • If it walks like a quack and quacks like a quack then it must be a quack.

    This quackery stuff really quacks me up.

    j-o-h-n Sunday 05/28/2017 12:33 PM EST

    To those who fought and died for this country "MAY THEY REST IN INTERNAL PEACE"

  • RIFE

    I ran into a man in October 2015 who said he had cured himself of cancer using a Rife machine he had purchased. At the conference we were in someone passed out a news article on a Rife Machine available at Spooky2.com. I investigated it. I purchased one as the cost was reasonable. The first thing I succeeded in doing (by accident) was removing a fungus from my left foot and hand that I had brought back with me from my time as a Ranger Advisor in VN 45 years ago. I had not been able to kill it in the last 45 years or so.

    I was able to lessen the outbreaks of my wife’s herpes, but could not stop them completely. They rarely occur now. I did succeed in curing myself of Glaucoma, Cataracts and Macular Degeneration using the Rife machine frequencies for those eye problems. At my June 2016 six month eye exam, my eye Dr. said he could find no evidence of my previous eye problems. He knew from the previous photos of my eyeballs and history that I did have those problems but they were gone then. They have not come back.

    I have been unable to cure myself of cancer. I try new programs using my Rife machine and assorted frequency programs every week.

    On April 27 this year I was given a new Rife program from a friend in Belize. I used this program intensely until my latest PSA test on May 23 as noted above.

    I do not know if it is the Rife frequencies or the BIRM or both that reduced my PSA from 12+ in February to 3.6 on May 23 this month. The only way to find out is to stop the BIRM or the Rife. I am not ready to do that yet. I will get another PSA test in late June before I change anything that I am doing.


    I read about BIRM in mid-April. I ordered some and received it on 28 April. I started taking 1.5ml twice a day. Then I found out about the concentrated BIRM. I ordered that and when I received it about the first week in May, I started taking it instead of the original BIRM.

    On May 23 I had a PSA test at my quarterly appointment for my zometa infusion. My PSA had dropped from 12+ in February 2017 to 3.6. This is the lowest PSA I have had in five years. My Oncologist had expected my PSA to remain the same or go higher. I did not tell him about the BIRM.

    I have not read any recent reports of others taking BIRM on Healthunlocked. Does anyone have any new information on how you all are doing?

    I was originally diagnosed with PC in March 2000. From that date until June 2014 I have treated myself with PC Spes and then the follow on similar products which we now know all contained DES. I ran out of those herbs etc. with DES in June 2014. That fall 2014 I was started on ELigarde (Lupron) which reduced my PSA from 55 down to the low 5’s for about a year when it began to climb again. Then in addition to the Eligarde I was put on monthly Zoweta infusions as scans determined that my PC was in my bones.

  • Thanks. I don't sell anything nor have any financial interest in any equipment. I use what I have for my personal use. I am allowed to legally do that.

  • And, a related story...


  • Hi Charles,

    Thanks for the information. I am going to look into Spooky2.com. What is BIRM and where did you buy it? When you said it cured your cancer, were you referring to PC or another type of cancer?



  • I have researched RIFE and PEMF. They are different. Actually PEMF is approved for healing of bones in the US and often paid for by insurance. I do not know if ,PEMF, it cures cancer but it might make you feel better. A lot of folks say it helps with their pain. I think there was a TED talk on a new way of getting rid of tumors with frequencies.. it is mostly used for brain tumors and still in the test phase. If someone gets pain relief and relaxation out of PEMF then I am all for it. I do not know enough about RIFE but find it interesting.

    In my limited research the most promising PEMF are the BEMER and the iMRS2000 - They are expensive though. I think they are going for 5000-6000$. We have a Doctor in town who will let you try one out for $25 for a 20 minute session. I convinced my DH to try a session. He seemed to have a lot more energy and feel a lot better the rest of the day. It is my understanding that for long term relief you need to use a PEMF twice a day.

    I have not bought one but I thought I would share what I know.

  • Spooky2.com

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