Xtandi and Medicare

Greetings all-

I've been on disability for the last couple years due my PCa. In July my COBRA stops and Medicare begins and I'm trying to figure out the best route for my Xtandi coverage. I'm currently getting co-pay assistance from the Astellas Patient Assistance program which used to include a Medicare assistance option. However, I do not see that option on their website anymore.

Any thoughts\suggestions from those out there taking Xtandi and on Medicare?

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  • I don't have any personal knowledge about this, but I'm thinking that if you call Astellas someone there probably has a lot of experience with it and can advise you. I wouldn't think it's in their interest to mislead you on this.


  • Thanks Alan. I appreciate your input. After doing more research, and posting this message, I was coming to that conclusion myself. 😄


  • I have been on Medicare and a supplement for a number of years. They have covered everything except for the copay. PAN covered me for about three years. Said they didn't have funding for this current year. Astellas is currently paying for everything. Got a call from my specialty pharmacy that PAN had just reopened funding for metastatic Pca

  • Thanks David! But, what is PAN?

  • Patient Access Network Foundation.

  • patandemma @ David20451

    From what insurance company are you getting your supplemental insurance ?

  • None at the moment. I'm currently covered under my COBRA which is a high deductible CIGNA plan. The Astrella group helped this year by picking up the deductible when I ordered my 1st month of Xtandi for the year. Medicare start 7/1 and I'm in the process of figuring out which route to go with regards to Part C/D and possibly a gap program.

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