Celastrol Prevents Bone Metastasis in PCa

Thunder God Root contains Celastrol and can be bought as a supplement. If this works as advertised this is huge...my limited understanding is it is only when PCa spreads to the bones that it turns deadly and gains the ability to become CRPC. PCa needs the growth factors found in bone and if you can prevent metastasis to the bone you can survive this bad boy.



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  • Hey Gus, Bill here in Ohio. I am currently on my last Xofigo treatment today. I have a very small lesion on my L4 area. So what you are saying is that this supplement will not work if ones cancer has spread to the bone? Thanks.

  • This looked promising until I read the cautions on it, including toxicity.

  • So what..it is powerful stuff..has to be to kill cancer...are chemo, radiation, and ADT toxic..you just have to use Thunder God right..you can't fight and beat cancer with a lollipop

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