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My husband is totally incontinent, since 2006. He used male guards, 1 package of 52 every 2 days. Besides the expense, we also had storage problems since we had to order from Amazon in bulk. (stores in our area either didn't carry them or had 2 packages at most.) Anyway, he saw a commercial on television one day for Mens Liberty, a new type of external catheter. We called, and within 3 weeks he received a 90 day supply, to our door, and Medicare covers the cost. They took care of everything, including getting his urologist's letter of medical need. He's been like a new man since using this product. Who knows if Medicare will continue to cover the cost of the catheters, but he would continue to use them and we'd absorb the cost, they are that good. Just thought I'd pass this along.

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  • Thanks for passing on the information


  • I didn't want it to come across as a commercial, but to see my husband so happy and relaxed has been wonderful. (plus we're saving over $160 a month not buying guards anymore)

  • Please see my response to Yellow River, above. It may be possible to achieve a far more improved, Medicare covered outcome. Best of luck.

  • I can't find yellow river's post.

  • Okay, I just found it. My husband had scar tissue built up and his urologist at the time reamed the urethra, three times and on the third time, left the urethra permanently dilated. No scar tissue ever formed to narrow the urethra so he's completely incontinent. Having stage IV cancer hanging over his head is bad enough, but the incontinence probably has caused him more stress and misery. We couldn't go visit people in their home because he didn't want to leave a soaked guard in their trash. Traveling in and of itself was something he avoided. This new product has truly been a blessing for him. No doubt other men have gone through the same agony of incontinence and I wanted to share my husband's story. Thanks for your valuable input! I wish Les could have had his incontinence dealt with medically. He had investigated all the various "fixes" but this was the only one he felt would work for him and it did. Aloha.

  • I'm very sorry about his, & your, suffering, & very glad you found a successful "fix." It was very kind of you to share it, & no doubt it will help others. Shalom.

  • I'm hoping other men with incontinence would try them. Our life has becoming more normal since he started using them. Shalom, Neal-Snyder.

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  • I had good continence for about the first 16 years after my surgery in 1994, then began having problems as I advanced into my late 70’s. What I did at first was to tuck a folded paper towel in my underwear, then as leakage got worse, tried using a Dribble Stop penile clip. I found that this tended to cause urethral irritation, even if I slacked off on the adjustment enough to allow slight leakage. In about 2012 I saw an article in a PAACT newsletter about the Mens Liberty device. I got in touch with the sales rep, and he sent me three free samples to try out. They seemed to work pretty well, though it took a little learning to develop the skill install them properly. Most external catheters use a condom for the connection (via tubing) to the catheter bag, but the Mens Liberty uses complicated taping for the connection.

    Somehow the VA balked at prescribing them for me when I asked my VA primary care doctor for them, and the doctor proposed that I try a condom type of external catheter. I have been using these for a few years, but I think the Mens Liberty was the best of the devices I have used. Condom catheters tend to cause skin irritation if worn for too long or too frequently. So while around the house, and in between using the catheter, I have been wearing incontinence underwear with folded paper towels tucked inside. I change the towels frequently, and the underwear just serves as backing for the towels.

    Lately I have been experiencing urethral irritation if I use the condom units too frequently. I have been considering asking the VA again to supply me with the Mens Liberty device, to check whether this makes a difference.

  • Les had tried the condom catheter and found that urine would back up and it was quite the mess at times. I had bought 5 catheters from a different online company to see if he'd like them and he did. He was wearing the last one when the 90 day supply showed up. Les has had not one problem with the Liberty catheter. I hope you can get the VA to allow you to use them. I have not read one negative word about them.

  • The backing up happens with me after sitting for a period of time, as the tubing tends to get kinked. So I have to stand, walk around a bit, and/or reposition the tubing. if urine backs up into the condom, it may slip off.

    It is important to order the right size of condom unit. It the size is too large, it may slip off much more easily. Manufacturers have templates on their websites to assist in getting the right size.

  • Les tried those and got frustrated. So, he ended up with guards for 10 years. No more!!

  • I use Liberty Medical 1-800-208-1057 in USA for catheters (paid by medicare) and I also wear Depend for Men Guards- Maximum Absorbency 52 count about (one every 8 hours) in my underwear. This catches dribbles and stops urine smell. I buy several bags from Amazon (#104 at a time) for under $30.00. The 72 radiations I had five years ago has caused wrinkled skin inside my urethra taking 10 minutes to urinate. I use a disposable catheter every other day to push the wrinkles back against the wall and all is well! Good luck with your future health.

  • The ones you get are different.

  • That is fantastic! Stupendous! Congrats are in order here. I had read that these external caths were troublesome, obviously not.

  • My husband is hyper-sensitive to most stuff but not these. They stick on with a non-irritating tape. I never dreamed he'd use them! There is a learning curve in putting them on but he gets at least 24 hours per catheter.

  • Tbird1400 here. A few years after 45 days radiation, I had total blockage of urethra. TURP after 5 other surgeries to remove scar tissue left me totally incontinient. Guards, Depends, pads--none worked. Tried Rochester (form of condom cath). Worked for awhile but depends on using "right size". With Hormone Therapy, my size requirement seems to change constantly--shrinkage. Wife saw Liberty advertisement. Answer to my prayers.

    Works!! You must use Ivory or Gold Dial soap and penile clamp to keep dry during application. Liberty manufacturer has nurses to give info and help resolve problems. Also videos and Nurse who answers questions submitted by users. With Liberty I have been able to be active (played golf in league), go to church and theatre. Medicare pays for 30 per month. We buy extra--expensive. But when I have problems with application, I've had to use several. Also purchased a type of boxer shorts with pocket inside to hold bag. Google

    Liberty External Catheter.

  • That is great!!!! Les is wearing longer leg boxer briefs, I guess that's what they're called, but we'll certainly investigate the shorts with the pocket inside. Clever! Thanks so much for the information. Aloha, Joy

  • They are called "Uro Pants" and we ordered them from BioDerm. I think they were $20. each. Very convenient to wear--especially with bermudas.

  • I'm on it! Thanks, tbird1400.

  • Good Luck

  • My husband has been using disposable catheters, for more than 4 years.he is a musician and travel quite a bit.self-catherization has been fantastic for him.He also receive his supplies monthly,with no problem.He has a little (drummer) pouch where he keeps his supplies when on the road.It takes a little time to learn to self-catherize smoothly and one should never be in a hurry.

  • Glad it worked for you too. The Liberty people are the most helpful I've found.

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