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I have run out of good books to read on Prostate Cancer. The last one I read was, "Salander's Tale" by Paul Steinberg, MD (suggested here). It helped in the "hopeful" department. Other's I liked: Radical Remission by Kelly A Turner, PHD.- Covered people with cancer that don't have it now. Gives a sense of possibility; The Jungle effect by Daphne Miller, MD. This is about food and life style. She travels to "cold spots" (very low incidence) to try to figure out why?- Cold Spots for Prostate Cancer, Heart Attack, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, etc. I have tons of other books- many helpful, in parts. But now I am past the "ABCs" (and DEFGHIJKLMNOPs) of Prostate Cancer. Any suggestions?



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  • Funny, I was about to recommend "Salamander's Tale" as I just finished it. I actually think we should give it to our friends and family to read as it very cleverly explains what it's like to have PCa. Other books I've read, "The Male Lumpectomy - Dr Gary Onik". I've read others, but that haven't stuck in my mind.

  • I ordered "Male Lumpectomy". I usually read articles on breast cancer because PC and BC seem so connected. Thanks, Craig

  • I thought the intro to cancer by Mukherjee, not prostate cancer: "The Emperor of All Maladies" was good, and there is a video version made by Ken Burns that is also good. And his follow on about the "Gene" I have just started and like already. Example of interesting fact: the Rous Sarcoma Virus. A single mutation that causes cancer. Chew on that.

  • Will look up Ken Burns' video. I wondered about "Gene"- will order it. Thanks, Craig

  • I agree with the suggestion for THE EMPEROR OF ALL MALADIES it made me understand what cancer is and that it is me! The best book specifically for PCa I have found in 17 years would be BEYOND HORMONE THERAPY by DR. Moyad , Spry Publishing it covers everything you could want to know about our disease. I got it at a PCRI Conference a few years ago. My third choice would be CLOSE TO THE BONE by Jean Bolen a very good read about the rituals of having cancer and how to care for some one with cancer.

  • Thanks, I ordered all. I think I listened to "Emperor" from online library, but my headphones put out words on the right and collect them on the left- a complete circle. Thanks, Craig

  • Thanks for sharing your suggestions. Salander's Tale looks good on preview. i am sure i do not read as extensively as you but i got a lot out of reading When Breath becomes Air by Paul Kalamithi, A Year to Live by Stephen Levine, Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson, and Dying Well by Ira Byock. I do not if these suit your taste but hear they are.

  • The two "Dying" books I haven't read, will order them. The Kalamithi and Levine books I read. Sad and noble. Levine's wife wrote a sequel. Thanks, Craig

  • Oh, and "Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End"

    by Atul Gawande is good. In the same vein.

  • How about A Guide To Surviving Prostate Cancer by Dr.Patrick C. Walsh?

    I value It most because it contains all the Scientific facts I wanted to know about prostate cancer.


  • I bought this right after I was diagnosed. Very helpful. I looked for it after your post and couldn't find it. Ordered another one 2012 edition. It's time to go back over it. Thanks, Craig.

  • When my daughter came to pick up Liam (4) last night she called me "lazy". Too say I was hurt, is putting it lightly. The seventh anniversary of my Dx is in two weeks. I thought by now my family would understand the problems we have to deal with. Apparently some don't get it, and that's why I'm writing in this thread. I admit, I don't read like I used too, but I will get 'the salamanders tale'.

    Is there a book that anyone knows of, that's directed towards the family? Specifically, a 30 year old know-it-all. I have ten days to get it.

    I recently heard that we're allowed to say this again,


    Peace and happiness, Joe

  • Joe- Here is a "Family" website-

    Also, a list of books-

    A few of them might be helpful.

    This is a good summary of "Cancer care for the Whole Patient: Meeting Psychosocial Health Needs". The summary covers fatigue, pain, limitations of daily activity, etc.

    Good luck,


  • I recently launched my second PCa book. The first got to #2 on Amazon just behind Dr Walsh's book. The second book "An ABC of Prostate Cancer Today - 2nd edition" is an update of the first book, with about 100 new pages added. The new book includes details of diet and nutrition, alternative therapies, a plan to combat cancer, as well as all the diagnostics and treatments available.

    This is what a recent buyer said on Amazon:

    " My father died of prostate cancer and my brother recovered from it. So out of "self defense" I became a "friend" of the founder of the Prostate Cancer Research Center in Los Angeles to learn more and have done private research for 15 years and was honored to be called "One of the most knowledgeable laymen in the prostate cancer world." I even gave demonstrations of the new HIFU technology before it was FDA approved. With that said I wish I had written this book because it combines everything I have learned and much much more in an easy to read yet comprehensive review of current treatments and even some natural complimentary supplements. This man has done everyone with this health concern a great service. I am currently facing a rising PSA so I bought the book without expecting too much. Best money I ever spent.

    Thanks Alan Lawrenson my best wishes to you in Australia!


  • If you are not too far along in this journey try

    Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers: No More Unnecessary Biopsies, Radical Treatment or Loss of Sexual Potency by [Scholz, Mark Dr., Blum, Ralph]

  • Thanks, Magnus, I just got the book and will read it, although most of those decisions are history for me.



  • Try Take Control of Your Cancer by James Forsythe and

    The Cantin Ketogenic Diet by Elaine Cantin

  • Thanks, Hankster, I'll look into these.


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