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Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials: Why and Who Should Participate?

Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials: Why and Who Should Participate?

Interview with William Catalona, MD, Professor of Urology, Director of Clinical Prostate Cancer Program Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, Russell Szmulewitz, MD, Assistant Director, Genitourinary Oncology Program; Assistant Professor of Medicine University of Chicago Medical Center

From the Prostate Cancer Virtual Town Meeting in April 2016, Dr. Catalona and Dr. Szmulewitz discuss clinical trials for prostate cancer patients. Watch the full video below to hear from the experts!

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Can I relate my experience about clinical trials. In February of last year, I volunteered for a non-metastatic CRPC Phase 3 drug study. I had monthly blood work, and imaging every 16 weeks. I also saw my urologist regularly. When I began having pain in my spine and neck earlier this year, my uro looked at my imaging and saw something that he didn't like. He then sent me to get an F-18 Pet scan. This is where it went off the rails.

The study program is run through the same office as my urologist, but through another doctor. Both sides, west coast and east coast docs, were in disagreement as to what the imaging said. Did I, or did I not, have mets? I was a bit bemused by all this. But these guys are messing with my health. Needless to say, I left the study and the urologist.

It's been three months since I left, and I have yet to hear a word from the study company to follow up as per the agreement I signed. I was so gung-ho when I began the study, thinking I'd be helping other men. Instead, all I got was disappointment.


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