Stage two at 52

Stage two at 52

Hi everyone.  I was just recently diagnosed with stage two prostate cancer found during a physical.  I had no symptoms and no idea this was coming. I was not thrilled with either treatment option I was given; radical surgery or radiation.  I pushed my doctors to look for other options that didn't potentially threaten my quality of life quite so drastically.

Finally, my fourth doctor told me about a procedure that's been around for three years that involves targeting the legions with freezing and preserving the rest of the gland.  I spoke with the doctor in Florida performing this procedure and was able to get comfortable with his results.  My doctor flew down to Florida with me to watch this procedure firsthand  

I just had Focal Chryo Ablasion two weeks ago.  I will continue to update you on my progress.  Thanks  

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  • It is a shock when they tell you you have cancer.  If there is good news it is stage two and not higher.  I have read good things about cryo.  Also, in the off chance it comes back you still have a lot of options.  I am 58 and I just found out that I have "high risk" cancer this year.  I will have surgery next week, but was told I probably need follow up radiation because the CT scan indicated it may of spread.  The good news for both of us is that there are a lot of men that have cancer more aggressive than ours and they are still standing tall.  Stand strong!

  • The good thing about cryo is that it's repeatable unlike other options.

  • Yes, that's one reason I opted for the focal cryo.  It can be repeated. The doctor you mentioned is not my doctor. I will update as my treatment progresses. It was two weeks ago today I had the procedure. 

  • Cryo has been around a lot longer than 3 years but the technique you had sounds similar to the nerve sparing technique they use with surgery to remove the prostate. Was the Doctor doing the procedure Dr. Onik?

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