my consultant put me on this on my last visit to the hospital after reading the side affects I am not to keen on taking it I was complaining of tingling in my legs and arms and also sore when sitting then he prescribed this drug any advice please I saw it mentioned here but I cant pick back up on it I am not in acute pain more like uncomfortable and sore when I pass water but nothing I cant get on with I hate to take drugs just for the sake of it best regards Dave .

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  • Since a PC tumor caused me to have a spinal cord compression (then surgery & having to learn to walk again), gabapentin has been a life saver for me, & I haven't had side effects. I have what most doctors call neuropathy, but my neurologist says it's really central pain syndrome because it comes from the central nervous system. They started me on 100 mg 4 times a day, & began increasing at my request. We quickly reduced t pain & stopped my legs from kicking out involuntarily. I then worked with the neurologist to find my optimum dose, which is 900 mg 4 times a day.

    Even that doesn't completely control the pain, but I can live with it. The neurologist & I tried out every drug that might have helped on top of the gabapentin, but none did. So I would have been SOL without it.

  • I have been taking it for nerve pain for the last few years, with no noticeable SEs, one benefit I noticed it helped reduce the hot flashes when I was on zoladex. 

  • This might be silly but my dog has disc problems in his back and the vet prescribes this and it sure helps with his walking. He went from a stroller to walking a 1/2 mile a day now . He is 16 years old .

  • I'd like to know the dosage for your fur baby! 

    My yellow lab has back problems and the vets can't figure it out. 

    We are about to put him down. 

    I want to try anything first. 

  • I have been taking gabapentin, also known as neurontin for several years for restless legs. It has helped a lot. I take 600 mgs at night around 8 PM. I do not take it in the morning or during the day, as it makes me too fuzzy. I also have periferal neuropathy, with very little feeling in my feet, like they are constantly asleep. The gabapentin, at night, makes it possible for me to make it through the next day. It doesn't totally get rid of the pain/tingling, but it sure helps.

  • I've been on Gabapentin for 2 years and it relieved my night time leg cramps. Seems to work very well for that. Also helps with hot spells, not completely. No side effects. I have triwed various doses and feel that no more than 900mgs per day is my limit. At present, I am taking 300 mgs twice in the evening.

  • Have you tried megestrol (generic of Megace) for the hot spells?

  • Neal,

    Be careful taking Megace, especially if you are on active ADT.  Megace increases appetite and will promote additional weight gain, a problem for those of us on ADT.   


  • Thank you, Joel, for putting a warning out there I didn't know of, or remember if I did know. Nothing seems to cause me to gain weight. And I didn't have to take megestrol for more than a year before I discovered the hot flashes were gone without it.

  • Neal, the US NIH has given a warning that Megace has been shown to increase PSA and promote advanced prostate cancer. That's enough to prevent me from taking it. Gabapentin doesn't totaly stop hot spells, but nothing does.

  • I've been on it for about 9 months. I had a mastectomy and a lung resection and was left with severe nerve damage in my right chest, arm (dominant arm) with little to no relief.  I would have to take so much pain meds that I couldn't function.  They started me on this over the summer. I have to say its cuts the pain and sensation of swelling enough that it's worth it for me to take it, but I'm not a fan of it and I hope with injections or other therapies I can come off of it.  They wanted me to take 1200. Ive expermentied with 1200, 900 and 600. I'm absolutltely a zombie on 1200, and 900 wasn't  much better. It would be great if I could take it 3 or 4 times a day, but again, zombie like during the day. So, I take 300 at about 4 and another 300 at 11 pm.  some days I'm still groggy and have a hard time getting movtivated in the morning. But this is what works the best for me.  You have to experiment and see how dosages, time of day, etc. work for you. Other than what I've mentioned no other side effects.  I think I'm just very sensitive to it.  But at this time, I have no other options. Also, you have to let get into you system for several weeks to adjust. Good luck.  Do try it. I'm not sure I'd be functioning very well without it.

  • I just started taking it yesterday. I've been having tingling, numbness in my legs and hands for a number of years. It was getting worse so I'm trying the gabapentin. Lyrics is another drug for neuropathy but I have heart problems and my doc doesn't want me to take it. My doc started me out with 2 pills 2x a day. Then the normal dose afterthat. It helps with the side affects. Maybe bring that up to your doc. 

  • My GP prescribed gabapentin about 6 month ago for peripheral neuropathy. I got PN from a drug I took several years ago. I take it before bedtime and it helps me sleep. No side affects.

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