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An app I’m 😆 excited to try


Someone from my local ADHD support group sent me this app to download and try. It’s for me to record my thoughts and moods when they happen. So far I downloaded it and added a bunch of my own icons with its meanings and will see. I wanted to share with you guys because it looks like it could be a fun way to track yourself and your life and could be helpful. I am certainly in the first steps of recording my daily schedule as it’s happening way harder than it sounds, especially if you’re like me and never done this before.

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Man, you are not alone.

I've been trying to do so for a decade and still struggling. My calendar is always like a trash bag. No order, at all. After Adderall I found the trick named "Ok, Google" in my phone. Not too good so far, but definitely better than before...

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Ok google, I heard that before but don’t know much on what all it does. I’ll have to look into it.

I have for years saved pre made daily schedules and chores list etc and never found one I could stick with let alone even follow and finally I can’t believe it I followed this routine I’ll send you a pic and wow only did it one day but it was as if someone made it for me. As I did the activities it felt naturally fitting for me

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