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Nervous about starting adderall!


Hi folks,

I am going to try Adderall tomorrow for the first time and am feeling nervous about it. I'm taking 10 mg. What should I expect?

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Hi there, I have Inattentive ADHD and got diagnosed in my mid 20s. I started taking 10mg of Adderall 2x a day a few years ago, along with a helpful group of supplements in order to combat negative side effects that are common with Adderall and other stimulants. The feeling was a night and day difference for me. I felt as if a switch had been turned on in my brain and now I was able to turn down the noise and distraction in my thoughts and concentrate on one thing at a time. It relaxed my body and gave me great motivation. Because of all this, I was able to graduate and get my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and am now in Grad school to become a MFT Psychologist in order to help people with this very condition. It's certainly a life changer, but with great power comes great responsibility. Some people get chills, nausea, and headaches the first day, days, or the for about the first week. That's just the body getting used to the medication. I started taking supplements along with the medication when I first started out, and it greatly helped in eliminating common side effects and helped by keeping my heart rate down and blood pressure down, kept my hunger normal, and helped me keep my sleeping hours normal. My psychiatrist never mentioned a thing about supplements, this is something I hope to help change in the future.

I take a variety of supplements now, but here are the one's I started out with that are of essential importance in my opinion.

1. COQ10: this supplement is to keep your heart safe, and not cause a rise in your heart rate, which is common with stimulant medication.

2. Magnesium Chelated: This supplement is great for digestion and helps the body in digesting and absorbing the medication. Chelated form is the most bioactive form of Magnesium.

3. Flaxseed oil or an organic fish oil: I take a flaxseed oil supplement because of the benefits of EPA and DHA, which from research I have done is great for people with ADHD and goes great with stimulant medication as well.

4. A good multivitamin with Antioxidants

5. A newer one for me that I would recommend is R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (RALA). Stimulant medication produces oxidation in the body, which is not good for you, so the body needs a strong source of antioxidants. RALA is known as one of the strongest antioxidants out there and makes my medication feel smoother and fresh. It also helps the brain utilize the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, which is one of the multiple neurotransmitters we lack. I also drink matcha green tea for its immense antioxidant and Serotonin (from the high theanine levels) boosting properties.

6. Some people feel really sad or irritable once the medication wears off. For this I would recommend the supplement N-Acetyl Tyrosine. This supplement works by helping the brain bring back up the levels of the neurotransmitters Dopamine and Norepinephrine, which are temporarily low after stimulant medication wears off, since most stimulant medications work primarily with those two neurotransmitters.

Also as I'm sure you're aware, make sure to drink plenty of water, and eat well.

theres a link on my profile page of a google doc I made of every supplement I take along with the ones I mentioned. It mentions what grocery stores and online stores (mostly Amazon) sell these supplements, and some information about each of the supplements in case you're interested, hope this helps.

Thanks for taking the time for your very detailed response!!! I actually have downloaded your recommendations for supplementation. Like everything else it is taking me a while to organize it all.

I've put off starting because I'm home with my 6 year old, and have been needing to drive, etc. and don't want to start until I know I can stay home to see how this is all going to affect me.

I am a little worried about the expense of it all. The medication itself is pretty expensive. I'm guessing the supplementation also adds up quite a bit.

Most people who belong to this generation, especially teens and

youngsters, have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Narcolepsy (feeling sleepy when surrounded by a relaxing surrounding).

The reason they believe behind this is their stressful life. This leads them sometimes to depression or they end up becoming an alcoholic or drug addict.

Adderall being a stimulant works by enhancing the volume of certain substances within the brain which helps in increasing the ability to pay attention, stay focused on any activity or control behavior.

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The time you buy Adderall online, you get the medication along with a prescription used for treating patients who have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

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The time you buy Adderall online, you get the medication along with a prescription used for treating patients who have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Adderall being a stimulant works by enhancing the volume of certain substances within the brain which helps in increasing the ability to pay attention, stay focused on any activity or control behavior.

Go to they are very affordable and have promos and sales all the time. I have purchased all of those supplements from there

I'm a 40-year-old female (mom and teacher and wife). I tried adderall and felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I took the lowest dose. My hands were numb, and I felt Awful. I took my 11 year old on a "mommy-son" date night, and had to sit down. I almost could not drive home. All ADHD medication is a form of speed. They are all labeled different, but it's been around for ages-and for ages has caused the death of many folks. Yes, it works for a lot of people. I, too, was laser focused and on top of my game. But I could not handle it. Remember, all of warnings talk about heart complications. My psychiatrist said because I had that reaction, No stimulant will be ok for me to take. After I went through that, I definitely never want to take that again Good luck with your trial.

Ugh! Thanks! I haven't taken the plunge yet, I keep finding reasons not to. I have a 6 year old, and have been needing to drive, but don't want to do that on Adderall until I know how it is going to affect me.

I'm starting on 10 mg. Is that the fuse you tried?

It was whatever the lowest dose was, maybe 10. I also have a 6 year old as well as an 11 year old. Scary scary. It was terrible for me.

Oh, I'm sorry! I'll give it a try... 😬

I started off with 10 mg and could only see the slightest difference. Am now on 20 mg 2 x per day and get a lot more done. It doesn't feel like I'm "on" anything. I am just more focused. I do try and take the last pill by 1 pm, otherwise it can keep me awake. Sometimes I forget and it gets too late. In that instance, I skip it. What has been nice about it is that when not working, I can choose not to take it.

Thank you so much for the info!! That is good to know. It doesn't sound like the big deal I'm thinking it is going to be :D

Hi there! I'm not sure if you have started your Adderall yet but I thought I would chime in to give you my experience.

The Background:

I'm a 29 year old woman and was diagnosed with ADHD late last year. I have severe anxiety in addition (and I'm starting to wonder if a lot of my anxiety is based off of misdiagnosed/mistreated ADHD) and one of the things that I have trouble with is taking new medications. I tend to put it off for ages because I'm worried about side effects and weirdness. I'm always afraid of my anxiety being exacerbated and I know that if ADHD is not the right diagnoses (sometimes even if it is but it's the wrong medication) it can present with nervousness/heart racing etc which are all things I hate as an anxiety/panic sufferer. Fortunately for me I was diagnosed with participating in an outpatient program that met every day and the only way I ultimately ended up taking the medication was in the group with them holding me accountable. I had a very understanding Psychiatrist I was working with so she started me on 5mg Adderall XR. I started taking it with a half of a klonapin (.25 mg of a sedative like drug) because it helped me out.

The Experience:

Aside from me working myself up and giving myself anxiety I didn't really have any negative experiences at all. I honestly didn't notice that much. I started with 5mg, eventually moved to 10, then15mg after we spoke about the way I had been feeling. Ultimately I went up to 20mg and stayed there. (This whole process was over the span of about 2+ months) My psychiatrist was great and very well versed in the subtleties of ADHD, especially in adults. One of the best parts of this whole experience for me was the fact that I didn't actually realize how much it was positively affecting me until my Psychiatrist asked very pointed questions. She asked me how my sleep was, how my appetite was, how my concentration was, how my productivity was, how my fidgeting was. It was only during that reflection that I realized just how much it was working for me.

My Takeaway:

Don't be freaked out. If you have IR (instant release) it will only last about 4-5 hours. If you have XR (Extended release) even though they say it lasts for 12 it typically peters off quite a bit before that. If you have a bad experience it wont be for too long. Try to take it with someone you feel safe with in case you feel weird and prep them beforehand that you may need some positive reinforcement and calming. And stay in communication with your Dr. If it feels wrong, advocate for yourself! It may be the wrong meds or the wrong dosage. You wont know how good (or bad) it will be until you try. It really, really helped me.

Full Disclosure:

I was a bad patient and stopped taking my meds several months after starting. Not because it stopped working or because I had a lot of negative side effects but mostly because my schedule was messed up and I was taking the medicine too late in the day which further messed up my sleep schedule. I highly recommend if you have XR particularly that you take it as early as you can in your day to prevent the potentiality of sleep disturbance. I actually just restarted taking the Adderall today after months off. I started at the 20mg dose instead of starting low again and I kind of regret it. I definitely noticed it this time. I also decided not to take it with the Klonapin so that may be part of it? I've just felt a little light headed like when you've had too much caffeine. Nothing unreasonable or too weird but not comfortable either.

Take this all with a grain of salt as you seriously can never quite tell how medication will work from one person to another. Good luck and give it a try! If it isn't for you, that's fine. If it works it may be just what you need.

Thanks for the info! Still haven't tried it yet, as I'm home with my daughter and have to drive her around--one of the little stickers on the bottle say not to attempt driving until you know how it is going to effect you. Starting a vacation next week, so maybe I'll start it then when we don't have to be anywhere and where my family can keep an eye on me :D

Lovinit in reply to Lexieloodles

So have you started? I started taking it when I turned 23 and I’m 37 now. Looking back if I could change on thing that would be I should have gotten referred by my doctor who put me on it a therapist who specializes in ADHD having it all your life by age 23 I developed other problems because growing up I had so many struggles and a emotionally unsupported family. I wish I was educated internet was like it is today. I had a lot of shame when I was diagnosed. And if I could have it all I wish I got the support from my family and a life coach to help teach me and work one on one with me to help me manage my life

This is my experience.

Hi , That happened to me , the same as you. I was suffering the effects of ADD because I thought my hearth was going to explode. My life was a disaster. I work as self employee and I could not focus on nothing and my self esteem was too low. My therapist tell me that I need help my brain because the ADHD it is a neurological disfuncion (hormones). I lasted 2 years to decide to take the medicine . I lost a lot of time because of fear. I take 10 mg morning and 10 afternoon. And after 2 weeks my life changed for better. Now I can work in my business and I am productive. I only take my pills when I need to work just in the morning and I do all the things . Now I just take 15mg in the morning . monday to Friday. I take adderal. My previous therapist took Adderal for 20 years.

Haha! Thanks for checking 😁

Finally started it yesterday! I've been away on vacation and thought that maybe that wasn't the best place to start either-- didn't want to start rearranging the furniture and upsetting my 82 year old mother!

It has been a bit of a non event. I felt more confident, and more able to contend with my daily tasks.... Maybe even a bit more patient- which is really important for me in dealing with my daughter. I didn't have any of the negative side effects that I've been hearing about, thank goodness.

I just took today's dose and am waiting to see if I feel the same effects....

So, here's a question.... I am on the generic form of Adderall XR mg. Does that make a difference?

Hi! Are you still taking the medicine? What has this past year been like?

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