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Doctor in Iowa??

I am new here. I need a doctor in Des Moines Iowa that specializes in Adult ADHD. Anyone here know of one? I can only find pediatric specialists.

Thanks so much!

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I do not have an answer but I am led to wonder if CHADD or other ADD organizations maintain a directory of doctors who call themselves ADD specialists. I do know this. Having ADHD or ADD merely listed as among the doctor's "area of practice" as so many insurance company directories do. Someone should have to make a statement of their success in the area, overall philosophy of treatment specific to ADD, methods used, number of ADHD patients under their care or other indicators of legitimate practice in the area. It would be great if CHADD, ADDA or others would start such a listing.


Try searching Psychology Today's Directory by city or zip code at Narrow the search by selecting ADHD and Adults (see selections on the left).


Hi - I just want to let you know that on the CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) website there is a resource directory located under Support-Resource Directory which lists professionals in each state who deal with ADHD. This directory is comprised of professional members of CHADD who choose to be in the directory. I looked under Iowa and I did not see any resources in Des Moines. I also looked and did not see a CHADD chapter in Des Moines - but there are chapters in several other cities in Iowa. I would recommend contacting a chapter nearest you - and seeing if they have any suggestions for you in Des Moines.


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