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New here. Sometimes I feel like I’m alone!

I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 23. My life has turned around for the best but ...

Diagnosed. Almost.

Heya! I have a piece of paper with \"attention deficit\" written on it. I didn't...

Diagnosed with ADHD, but therapist thinks I might have bipolar disorder?

Hi all, I just got done a therapy appointment and I feel perplexed. I was diagn...

Spouse of angry, raging, out of control ADHD husband seeking to connect with others for friendship and support

Hello! My husband has a raging anger problem and severe ADHD. He’s gotten so bad...

Starting out :)

Hello! I am new to this group, as well as to the ADD/ADHD diagnosis. My fiance h...
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CHADD's Adult ADHD Support community is a place to discuss the impact of ADHD on you or someone you care about...

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Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) is an organization dedicated to helping people affected by ADHD. It is a place to get information on all aspects of ADHD