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What helps adhd inattentive?

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Is there anyone with adhd inattentive and slow processing speed out there who has had success with ertain meds and treatment? Please share what worked for you!

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My 9 year old son is the same - inattentive ADHD and has slow cognitive processing speed. He has been taking Focalin XR and it definitely has helped the attention, which in turn helped with academic performance. To my knowledge, no medication helps slow cognitive processing, as that is just the way their brains are wired (side note - apparently a lot gifted kids have slow cognitive processing, as they think through many responses before actually responding). I hear that executive function coaching may assist with some of the processing issues, but I think we are a few years away from that.

Same for us, 9 yo son with high normal intelligence but slow processing and inattentive adhd. Adderral and Guanfecine work for us. Our school was working pretty well with him but we are changing this year to a school that has much smaller classes ( 8 kids / class) and specializes in ADHD (50% of the school) . I think this will bring out his potential better.

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