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good morning! has anyone had experience with executive function coaching? our daughter with inattentive ADHD really struggles with basic daily tasks, time management, and organization.


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Hi. I've been looking into it myself for my 13 yr old. As his doctor mentioned for me to get Executive Functioning Coach recently. I have found 2 places that have classes. One place wants to zoom with a group of 6 kids and another place I'm asking for them to find someone local for in home therapy. I think between his therapist, exec functioning coach and constant repetitive reinforcement, I'm hoping it helps him with daily things.

As of now, he is on right meds, he was always a good student and getting the executive functioning part would allow for his daily life to be easier.

Check out ADHD dude Ryan Wexelblatt. He has an excellent parent training program through his website. We have implemented several his strategies for your above mentioned concerns and have seen a lot of improvement. Parent training and changing up your language/how you approach things I believe is key.

I'm also looking into coaching for my 14 year old daughter, also with inattentive ADD. I'll check the Wexelblatt website, but I don't quite have the mental energy to put the tools and strategies I've learned about in place (and she either resists them or can't seem to follow them). But EF coaches are so expensive. Does anyone know of a class (like the one described by NycLiMom) in the Washington DC area?

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Yes, we live in the area and found the Study Pro in McLean, Va to be helpful. They offer workshops and homework sessions to help with school work organization, learning to take notes, how to study, how to break down assignments, etc.

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Thank you!

I tried to get my daughter working with an Executive Functioning Coach for many years of my daughter's primary and secondary education (my daughter has ADD and GAD). There was nothing provided through school (my daughter was on a 504, but not an IEP), so we were on our own. I tried one organization in Maryland, but beyond the director, the staff coaches were not that well trained. My daughter also resisted a lot. A friend introduced me to the website and I listened to a lot of his videos. Although he talks very fast (I think he has ADHD too!), he is very knowledgeable in EF, and I learned a lot. Still, I wanted my daughter to connect with someone directly, and independent of me (she resisted my help). I finally found a coach at an organization in Arlington, VA called "Social Grace" (ironic, as my daughter's name is Grace). With the "wonders" of technology, my daughter was able to start meeting with one of their coaches, who is an occupational therapist specializing in EF. Note: my daughter started working with the coach last summer, at age 19, when she was home after an unsuccessful try at college. This coach has been amazing and my daughter has really engaged with her! It's been fantastic. I think the reason it is going well is a combination of the coach's skills and expertise (occupational therapist with EF training), my daughter's willingness & determination, and a good fit personality wise. The only downside of all of this is this cost. The fee for the session is definitely professionally reasonable, but I can't get any insurance reimbursement! My health insurance, which is pretty good, will only cover OT services for a physical diagnosis, not a mental health diagnosis. And my mental health coverage is only for services provided by a mental health provider such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, or social worker. This is definitely a big gap in coverage, and I would love to figure out a way to advocate for coverage of OT for mental health issues. Sorry for the long reply, but I hope this is helpful! Good luck to you and your daughter.

I'm a Parenting Coach and am not versed in Executive Functioning Coaching for children. However, the ICF (International Coaching Federation) is the most reputable organization for coaches. They have chapters in every state and all over the world. Each chapter runs a little differently, but most of them have a database of local member and what they specialize. It may be a good resource to find someone in your area.

We tried it with our 14 yo ADHD son last fall and it didn’t work because he wasn’t invested Your child has to want to learn these strategies or all the coaching won’t do any good