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Dyanavel XR?

Good evening, we took our 5 year old son to a psychiatrist today and confirmed what we knew for years, he has ADHD, mixed with anxiety. He was prescribed Dyanavel XR, and I would love personal feedback (good and bad) understanding that all medicines are personal. This is just a very big decision for us, and this medicine is a newer one with less info out there. Thanks in advance!!

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Don’t know the drug and I’m not so sure I would start a 5 year old on a new drug that doesn’t have a long history in the market.

Do diligent research and discuss your findings and concerns with your Pediatrician


Hi Finnfinn!

We have not tried Dyanavel, so sorry I don't have personal feedback.

From what I've read, Dyanavel is a liquid form of Amphetamine, probably chosen for your child's young age / difficulty swallowing a pill form. Even though this form of Amphetamine might be newer, amphetamine treatments have been used since the 1960s.


Hope this helps at all! Definitely bring concerns to your pediatrician or prescribing doctor.


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