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Adderal or Ritalin

Hi Friends, my daughter has inattentive type adhd. She does not have a problem with hyperactivity. We tried long acting adderal and it actually worked great but we did not like the late afternoon crash of emotions. We tried Ritalin and did not like the affect that had on her and did very little to help her focus. I will talk to our doctor of course but what do you think. Is it worth trying short acting adderal and seeing if the late afternoon crash is minimized? What else could we try? We are doing all we can the natural route but her inattention is causing a self esteem issue for her so I do want to address it. She is nine.

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My son is on Adderall XR for inattentive. He used to have bad afternoon crashes. 1/2 mg Risperdone in the afternoon counteracts this

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