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Quotient Test

Anyone have a Quotient Test done to test the effectiveness of meds? My son's provider does one every so often to see if the meds my son is on are optimal. The meds clearly do something but they never seem to be perfect (as far as the meds go not that we expect the ADHD to disappear). His quotient test always comes back with not very drastic improvement from his baseline (non medicated). Its because of this that we have switched meds so often. We are chasing the elusive optimal med/dose. At his last appointment the provider said it could just be that he may never get there. He does metabolize the meds fast and they definitely don't even last as long as they are supposed to. So long story short has anyone else experienced this? He has ASD as well and I wasn't sure if that was the cause? We talked about adding Intuiv at night to help with what the stimulants are missing out on but right now we have to fight with the insurance to pay for it since they will only pay for generic. Son is currently on (generic, so maybe that our problem) of Metadate CD 50mg.

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The Quotient Test assesses impulse control and activity in the office setting. You should use performance at home and at school as the measures of medication effect (how is he on and off medication in those settings). Metadate CD usually lasts 8 hours. Does he need medication after school? Is it lasting through the school day? Does he only have ADHD or does he have other problems such as anxiety?


I have never heard of this but I would base my judgement on how he is doing at school. We have had to switch medications periodically but mainly because something made something worse or was not working at all. But the teacher should be able to tell you if they see a difference


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