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New here!!!

Hi everyone!! I found this community after searching for help for our adhd/Bipolar 14 yr old son. I look forward to learning more about how to handle this disorder & help my child succeed. However.... he alienates & manipulates anyone he can to get whatever he wants, takes things, is destructive, a compulsive liar, with grandiose “stories” made up to cover the 1st lie.. last year, he stole money from a fundraiser, destroyed school property & had angry outbursts in class when he didn’t get his way... Socially, it’s just plain awkward... he’s lost every friend he ever had because of his behavior. We have done family therapy & cognitive therapy for him... and tried all methods positive/negative reinforcement.. still trying to steer this child in the right direction, but losing hope & he’s a juvenile now. Help!!!

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You don't mention medications have you tried any of those?


We have tried concerta, adderal, focolin, as well as ability, intniv, guanficine and now are on adzenys (max dose) and starting lexapro. I really did not ever want to medicate him, but it’s obvious that he needs help. The doc told ya yesterday that something is not connecting in his brain.. so we see a behavior analyst on Tues. I keep praying it will get better... thank you for replying!!!


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