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ADHD or Depression?

I'm a father of a nine year old boy who we adopted as an infant. We showered him with love but sometimes nurturing is not enough. He has ADHD and ODD. I believe the ODD is a fight or flight reaction to anything that adds to his anxieties or any frustration. We recently moved and he's become increasingly violent. Today he was rejected by a new friend in the neighborhood and I had to intervene as he would not accept that the boy didn't want to play with him anymore. He was so upset about it. His reaction was to threaten me with a bat. His coping skills are poor and now he's becoming dangerous. Medicine helps a bit (focalin) but it wears off and seems to be less effective lately. I think he needs to be reassessed for new medicines and therapy, perhaps antidepressants because the anger, I believe, is depression related. When he's happy, he's the most gregarious, lovable, and fun kid! I hate seeing him like this. I'm so sad for him. Appreciate advice. I'm not sure it's the ADHD causing the violent behavior or the depression.

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I'm starting to learn anger and aggression is part of adhd and is the tough to deal with focalin did not work for my son he got really bad uncontrollable tics and made him more son to has trouble making and keeping friends at school I feel so bad but we just got to incourage them to still try to make friends...

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