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I had my opp in november and i am still looking 9 months pregnant and in pain

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Hi i had my op in november i had my endometriosis removed also a blood cyst and also found out i had adenomyosis and had my uterus stitched and also the marina coil fitted but my stomach is the size of a pregnant woman at 9 month having twins i dont think i can cope as it feels like its getting bigger n it aches the pains i am feeling and getting quite regular feels like i am wearing a weight loss belt and it sends shock waves through my stomach then makes me sick just looking for some advise or yo see if any one is going through same

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I think it sounds like you could be rejecting you coil. I did this and it sounds the same..i had adenomyosis and endometriosis and some of us didnt tolerate that foreign object in there.

I wd get shooting pains down my legs and spotting I was in extreme pain, bore it 7 months then had it removed.

I think you need your gynaecologists advice on removal asap.

Good luck


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Why was uterus stitched was it cervical ectropian?

You had a very hefty lot done to you...you need to relax, swelly belly can last months! See what I wrote about the coil.

I hope you get relief soon.


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