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Endo/Adeno Hubby looking for advice - Ultrasound TV

Hi All you wonderful ladies out there

Hope you all are feeling better

My wife has been facing some of the described symptoms , she is 32 years of age and we recently got married

1) Bad period pains in the last 2 months

2) Constant dull weight in stomach

One of the doctors said it can be adenomyosis and the Trans vaginal ultrasound report had some description of a myoma nodule as well.

The second more renowned expert said everything looks fine when she did a TVU . and informed that it can be an infection causing these symptoms

I am quite worried and helpless. I have read a lot on the two diseases - Adenomyosis/Endometrosis and I am not sure why i am reaching out to you guys..maybe just to talk it out

Also I KNOW that TV ultrasound cannot always find these diseases

Can MRI?

OR is LAPROSCOPY the only option to find it?

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I am new to this forum and so have only just seen your post. Just to say I have just been diagnosed with likely adenomyosis alongside the endometriosis which was through a laparoscopy, nothing showed up on the ultrasound. I wasn't offered an MRI so I would say the best way is a lap. I hope your wife has since got some answers to what is going on and has started treatment. I think it's great that she has such a supportive husband.

PS I am also on the Endometriosis UK forum on here where they also talk about adenomyosis alongside endo so it might be worth joining them as well.