INR Control - Self-testing and Self-management

The information below was written on the DVT Forum following many forum users asking for more information about self-testing.

DVT Forum - firemansam

Is there anyone waiting for further advice on self-testing or self-management than have a look at and complete the poll.

The standard INR ratio is 60% within your INR range (therapeutic range) self-testing and self-management can improve this to 80% to 90%, which means you are less likely to suffer a blood clot if you control your INR on at least a weekly basis.

Some pharmacies are not issuing the 5mg warfarin tablet on safety grounds as they think people could mistake the 5mg for 0.5mg even though they are different colors pink and white.

If GP's and Pharmacies want to improve the safety and efficiency of warfarin therapy is to control the INR within closer limits. Testing weekly has a better INR control over 2 weekly or longer.

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