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Xarelto and HMB

Hello all.

Here's one for the ladies on this site.

I've been on Xaremto now for around 5 weeks. I'm in the second week of my period & it is extremely heavy - changing pads hourly, passing clots etc.

I am peri-menopausal so I have experienced heavy loss before but not for this length of time.

My cardiologist admitted he doesn't have a lot of experiece with this & that my periods would be 'worse than normal'.

I had an electrical cardioversion on Wednesday too, & while the staff were sympathetic, no-one seemed overly concerned.

I'm at a loss as to what to do next.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me.

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There is some thought that rivaoxaban does increase bleeding in women. I would ask to swap to edoxaban or apixaban


Thank you. I have an appointment with my cardiologist today so I will ask him about this.


Absolutely normal. I went to my doc in a panic bc I thought I was going to bleed to death. and the clots were HUGE. I couldn't figure out how I could be clotting like that while on Xarelto. He told me that menstrual bleeding is different and to not be too concerned unless feeling unwell, like low iron etc. I got sick of wearing a tampon AND a pad and having to change clothes at work, so I had an IUD put in. I'm 45 and not having kids btw, but the IUD completely solved the issue. I get light spotting now for about 4 days, all I need is a panty liner. Good luck.


Thank you! I thought the same thing. I'm perimenopausal so I hadn't had a period for 8 months prior to this. I have an appointment with a new obgyn on July 15.


I was put on xarelto for DVT and multiple PE's, my period arrived a few days later and I had the period from hell. After 12 days of massive clots (size of fist FTW) and heavy bleeding (superplus tampon plus pad in 20 mins) I ended up in hospital for a few days. Had 3 blood transfusions and 1 iron. Was also put on tranexamic acid and provera (progesterone) which stopped bleeding after about a day. They switched me to Pradaxa and put in a Mirena.

I was then sent home on provera for a 4 week decreasing dosage. On the lowest dose I started bleeding again and it got heavier again (but not like with Xarelto) so for the past 4 weeks have been trying to stop the bleeding with different doses of provera.

I'm hoping I have results with the Mirena like Daneball and some of the other women on this forum who have had great results with the coil.

If you start getting really dizzy etc I think you should see your doctor to see if there are other medications you can get to stop the bleeding. It's so distressing to lose so much blood over a long period of time plus you could be anaemic.

(Daneball - how long did it take for your mirena to start working? I've had mine 8 weeks now, and the Gynae said it could take up to six months :-/)


I'm starting back on the iron tablets, after only recently getting my iron levels back up to an acceptable range 😣 The blood loss is just horrific.


I've been this for 4 years my periods are hurrendous now.

I'm going to get the coil fitted to see if it will lighten my monthly periods.

I feel so drained every month .


4 years!! I hope the coil works for you.


That's puzzling isn't it? Since Xarelto is an anticoagulant, strange that it should affect one's menstrual flow. You need an answer for sure. Try to do some research through the internet - you may come up with something. These pharmaceuticals have some very interesting (translate that to mean 'weird') side affects. But, after all, we are the guinea pigs for them. We do realize that

their testing periods for drugs are based on what they want the outcome to be.

Sometimes it's not until a decade or so later that the drug will prove to be detrimental to our health.

Be that as it may, I'd be pushing up daisies if it weren't for Warfarin. I have Factor V (5) Leiden and need to be on anticoagulants indefinitely. I am, however, seriously considering Apixiban. It's the one that claims to be the lowest for a bleed. Since it now has a reversal (but not yet in Canada) it may

be a sound answer to Warfarin. Who knows at this early stage. It's only been 6 or 7 years since its approval.


Thank you. There's not a lot of research on this. I did find a few articles last night. Most of them finish up by saying more work needs to be done in this area! I hope you are staying well.


Thank you kindly. I'm 73 and staying extremely well, I'm 5'6", 135 pounds and active almost daily. I live in the country in a small cottage on a half acre that I consider my little homestead. I've been here just over a year. The half acre was pretty much an empty palate with an old barn and a couple of other out buildings. In early spring I decided to turn the lean-to section of the barn, which was south facing, into a greenhouse. Although the project seemed daunting at first, I persevered with a crow bar, a 4 pound sledge hammer, and lots of elbow grease. Since the barn was from the early 60's, the boards were brittle and the nails spiral - a nasty combination for dismantling. The walls and ceiling insulation was sawdust/wood-chip combination that is very useful for garden paths and soil building. In my new finished greenhouse I now have 7 raised beds growing tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. What a satisfying project!

Since taking possession, I have raised 8 other garden beds, mostly 42" X 12'. Last fall I planted 360 garlic cloves, so now have amazing results and an amazing mountain of rocks. My garden is my main passion. Growing one's own food organically and being close to nature in that way is invigorating and health-giving in its own way. "Every day is a work of art in progress".

I live with a lovely little cat that that is my constant companion and follows me around like a dog.

I'm also raising 25 Cornish Cross meat birds that will be 'processed' at the end of July. This entailed building them a cattle-panel chicken tractor that, if you're interested, you can find the plans for at YouTube. I'll have help for the process of killing them and I confess I'm not looking forward to the experience. Since I eat a little organic meat, I philosophize the necessity of killing what I eat. So....here is a question to ponder: if I'm feeling so squeamish about it, is it justified? If not, the answer would be to go vegetarian. Letting others kill animals for you amounts to the same thing; they're still being slaughtered for one's consumption.

In closing I need to admit how lovely it would be to NOT be dependent upon an anticoagulant. Not possible in my case. At least not at present with what is known about Factor V (5) Leiden. A few years ago I decided to try natural anticoagulants: natto, vitamin e, garlic supplements, and a couple of others that I can't remember at the moment. This was against my doctor's advice. Lo! I got into trouble - it resulted in a major embolism from groin to knee. A contrite apology to my doctor, and a wake-up call to do more research before embarking on an experiment that may be life threatening. Which brings me to the language of research papers; hard to decipher for the lay person, but not impossible if one perseveres with help from a search engine.

Good day to you all, and good luck on your journey to better health.

Remember: "You are what you eat". "Let food be your medicine and medicine your food". (If you're fortunate enough to journey to health through nutrition in your diet.)


Less bleeding in the trials but ... they had the healthiest population. I would consider a once daily drug.


So......are the trials not unfair if the populations are not similar? Would this not be stacking the deck in favor of on over the other?


I know exactly how you feel. I've been on Rivaroxiban for 2 years and my periods are horrendous. Spoke to my GP and his only suggestion was the coil. I'm 50 and really don't want to go down that road so basically I'm hoping for the menopause to hurry up! I did become anaemic so keep an eye on how you're feeling and get your bloods checked. Unfortunately that's the only advice I can give you but try not to panic. First few days are usually the worst but keep an eye on how your feeling

Eirlys x


Thanks Eirlys. I hgave an appointment with a new gynecologist on July 15. Hoping he can come up worh a workable solution. I'm 51 so like you i don't want a coil.

I've started back on ths iron tablets too & eating a lot of steak.

I'll let you know how I get on & if he has a feasible solution.

Heather x


I got given iron tablets as well last year for 3 months which were helpful and I make sure I eat lots of steak as well.


I was diagnosed 4 weeks ago with DVT in my femoral artery . I was given rivaroaxaban which helped the first week to reduce any pain in my thigh . I am 44 years old. I’m anaeminc . I am also taking iron tablets 3 times a day and also taking statins on a night for hereditary high chloestral.

I have had a blood clotting disorder always found that when ever I had periods I would always have heavy clots. I don’t drink enough water and low iron would have contributed to my DVT.

I started my period 3 weeks ago after a few days I ended up in a and e due to the pain and amount of blood I was losing changing tampons and clothing every half hour with accidents . It made it impossible to go to work. I was given utovlan to control the bleeding . I was told it would stop but it has not. It slowed it down but I’m still changing tampons and pads every two hours.

By the end of second week of bleeding it looked as if the bleeding was going to stop as I got nothing for one day. But oh no I then took a rivaroaxaban and it starts up again every day. So I know I’m not on my menses I just bleeding abnormally every day when I take the tablet .

Even though I have come back to work the quality of my life has deteriorated.

The cardiologist at the thrombosis clinic didn’t seem to know much about this side effect on rivaroaxaban which I’m finding disappointing because when you google the medication. It’s obvious the problem is wider. He mentioned hysterectomy or an IUD might help?! Gave me blood and iron IV

I went back to my go this week and he has referred me to a private gaeanocology hospital .

Now waiting but it’s upsetting . I have another IRON top up .

Is this my life from now on?


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