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Experiences with having a cold after a PE?

I had a PEs in August last year, my left long has clot residue and I’m generally not able to breath as deep for as long.

My question is, someone in my household has a cold, and I’m wondering if it’s safe for me to catch it? Will it affect me badly due to the clot residue?

Many thanks in advance.

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I don't think it's particularly dangerous, but you will find that any minor virus will knock you for six for a few days. And you may find it even more difficult to breathe than it usually is when you have a cold. If that happens, take a good decongestant and, if you need to, sleep sitting up. Hope you don't catch it!


I think most cold viruses affect the upper respiratory pathways, rather than deep in the lungs so you shouldn’t have any additional problems. Perhaps be more vigilant about the cold developing into a chest infection and make sure that you are not ‘chest breathing’ - breaths should come from deep in your belly and you should be able to see your tummy rise and fall if you are breathing properly. Also, if You haven’t had a virus since getting your PE nearly a year ago, you are obviously looking after your health really well and have a really good immune system so I wouldn’t worry and well done!


I caught a cold in May.

It lasted for a few days.

I was more concerned about if I got an chest infection.

I was advised to see a doctor at a surgery immediately if one gets a chest infection.

Or A&E department if the surgery is closed.


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