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So I’ve now been told that the PE that I had at Christmas is with me for life. Not sure how I feel about it at the moment. This breathlessness is really getting me down and I’m finding it very difficult to cope with being so tired all the time. I had got used to the idea of being on Apixaban for life and thought that was the last of the shocks but this one has really knocked me for six

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Poor you. You should improve a bit, though. It took nine months before I felt better, and even now I have days - or hours, mostly, usually in the evenings - of not feeling all that great. Can you schedule a daytime nap into your routine (not everybody can, I know)? And perhaps a short walk, if only 2-3 times a week? Every little helps, as the advert says, but it's true!

Hi im on apixiban for life also it was months before i got back to normal,but even now i suffer with shortness of breath especially after exercise

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