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Pain in leg

Hi thank you for adding me to this group.

I have had pain in my leg or should I say veins for a long time now. I have one various vein that flares up and down. I had it scanned a few years ago and was told it was borderline for them to do anything. I was told I had more various veins coming. In the last year the pain seems to of gone between my calf and about a third of the way up the back of my thigh. I have put on alot of weight but the original various vein caused me problems since I was pregnant with my eldest daughter she is 26 now and flared up again on my other two pregnancies. This pain now is everyday now and more on resting. At first I thought it was because I tore my calf muscle but that was just over a year ago now. the pain is worse when sitting on hard chairs but there constantly. drs just say take antinflamatory. I'm at my whits end does anyone know what it is please. I know my weight is not helping now but this has not always been the case. Thank you

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I'd ask for 2nd opinion if your not happy as surely this needs to be investigated so please ask for 2nd opinion ☺


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