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Rona Crosbie

Hi my name is Rona, had a PE 9 weeks ago on Warfarin 2to 3 is my level can't eat

Green leafy vegs as I have IBS

My level has dropped from 2.9 to 2 .0 which is too low I am concerned as I don't know how to get it back up I am flying on the weekend and am worried my blood has gone to

Thick to fly

Would be interested in hearing from people who have the same issues with diet as I do

Thanks R

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Hi Rona. The first thing to say is don't panic; at an INR of 2.0 your blood takes twice as long to form clots as when you were not on Warfarin and provided you are between 2.0 and 3.0 you are in therapeutic range and should have no problem.

There are no guarantees of course and it would be ideal to get your INR nearer to 3. The best way to do this is to take a little higher dose of Warfarin for the next 2 or 3 days. As I am sure that your anticoagulation is being supervised by a clinician (doctor or anticoag nurse) then phone them today to get their advice on how to adjust your dose. I don't know what your current, daily Warfarin dose is but I am on 7mg per day and if I was in your situation I would increase to 8.0mg tomorrow and Friday before flying at the weekend.

You may be worried about getting your INR too high but don't be too scared. Folk with mechanical heart valves are often on an INR range of 3.5 to 4.5 and are safe so taking 1 extra mg of Warfarin for the next 2 or 3 days should be quite safe but do try to get your clinicians advice today if at all possible. If you are away for 2 weeks before flying home then return to your normal dose after your outward journey but consider increasing by 1mg on the 2 days before your return flight home.

Please be aware that I am not a doctor but a Warfarin patient who has been self managing my anticoagulation for 16 years. Do try to call your anticoag clinic or GP today to get a professional's advice if you can.

All the best


Thank you for your help I will ring my Dr in the morning I am on 3 and half MLG each day

Thanks Rona


Hi Rona. Eating green leafy vegetables will cause your blood to become thicker.

It really doesn't matter what you eat or drink providing that you try to keep your diet regular, so no binge drinking or bingeing on kale. 😊

Your Warfarin will be adjusted to what you normally eat.


Thank you I can't eat green vegs because of my IBS


Hi there Rona,

My INR range is 2.0 to 3.0 - my target INR is 2.5. I seldom hit 2.5, but I am always in range. Often as low as 2.0 (on occasions as low as 1.8 and sometimes as high as 3.3) but still within tolerable limits. I do not have IBS but ever since (5 years ago now) I identified food as a trigger for my AF I have followed a gluten free diet combined with aspects of FODMAPS diet. Because of my digestive symptoms and how they impact on AF I've had blood tests for IBS and Coeliac Disease and although all clear my GP at the time still thought I might be marginal IBS.

I seldom have leafy green veggies but can tolerate infrequent helpings of cabbage. Apart from that I can have broccoli, broad beans, cauliflower but even then I don't have them that much. Long green beans and peas, especially peas, are right out of the equation. I now cannot remember my last AF event. I also fly to Sydney and Melbourne from Heathrow from time to time and flying has no impact at all. In flight always remember to keep properly hydrated ( water is best not alcohol !!!) and I recommend 'flight socks', also try and remember to do your exercises in flight and try and walk around the cabin as much as is permissable. Mind you I always have my Coaguchek device with me on such trips and always take a reading on arrival at my destination - just as a precaution.

Good luck, sit back and enjoy your flight...... somewhere nice and sunny and hot no doubt :-)



Hi thank you for your nice comments I found them helpfully

Bye Rona 😄


Hi Rona, I don't think eating vegetable is any problem, their are other foods that contain vit K, good lists on the Internet. Inr can change for various reasons, stress illness etc

I also check my blood but don't self dose unless my iNR goes to high or low, but never more than 0.5 mgs

Before I fly I have Clexane injections to self administer if my Inr is below 3. My range is 3-4

Check with your doctor

Drink loads of fluids



I eat liver sometimes, beef, eggs, Liver, and my inr is 2.2 and am in long term waferin.

My advice is when you reach your holiday destination arrange inr check there before and after flights straight away I'm on 4 and 5 mg 4 twice a week and 5 the rest of the week. Don't worry and enjoy your break


Hi couldn't eat the liver was given it every Friday as a kid

Having my test on Wednesday thanks for your help Rona

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Ha ha, me too Applewood31, I can't abide liver at all now! Given it as a child also.


Nice to hear from a non liver eater My INR is quite stable after my holiday and a lot of wrong food


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