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About to be changed from Clexane injections to warfarin tablets?


I have been doing daily Clexane injections since Nov due to a blood clot in lung, carried on with injections as was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Had big op in December and results in Jan showed no cancer but severe endometriosis.

Cardiologist now wants me to change to warfarin tablets? Can I expect any side effects?

Thanks for any advice or help in advance.


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Hi Sunshinegirl00. Sorry to hear about the Endometriosis but you must be relieved that it is not cancer.

Changing from Clexane to Warfarin is a good thing. Each Clexane injection is effective in preventing clots for only a little over 12 hours so if you miss a shot you are quickly at risk. Warfarin is effective for much longer as it metabolises slowly so missing one dose is not so serious.

Side effects from Warfarin are very rare. I have occasionally heard comments about early hair loss but it has not been proven that it was the Warfarin and the vast majority of us taking it have no side effects at all.

Warfarin is a very effective medication in preventing strokes or other clotting problems but it has to be managed correctly. Taking too much can lead to Haemorrhages and taking too little increases clotting risks. Some food and drink affects it as do some other medicines so it is necessary to have regular blood tests to check that you are still on the correct dose. This may mean regular trips to the GP nurse or hospital clinic but if you are on Warfarin for a long time then you can consider self testing and self management by carrying out a simple, finger-prick test yourself like many others of us.

Check out Roche Diagnostics website for the CoaguChek machine and certainly have a look at the AntiCoagulation Europe website to learn more.

All the best and do stay in touch.


Thank you PBirt for your always excellent replies. I had a PE a year ago, was on clexane injections for only two weeks, been on warfarin since. I was not aware that clexane is only effective for just over 12 hours. I am to have THR Surgery very shortly ( it had to be cancelled last year because of the PE) and have been told I'll be taken off warfarin 4 days before but given clexane which point I'm unsure, and also not been told if they are doing a general or an epidural. ( they'd said a GA first because of other factors but I want whatever is considered the safest for me.

I have had considerable thinning of my hair since being on warfarin and for that reason I'd love not to have to be on it but equally, if I do eventually come off it, I'll be scared of my risk factor for another clot.

All the best 'Sunshine'. :)

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Thank u for your reply, cardiologist has prescribed Apixiban.. Just need to see tomorrow whether my GP/nhs will pay or I am going to have to pay for this cardiologist said think it's 100 a month.. Only need to be on to June.


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