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im new here really worried!!

my husband had to be admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago with stabbing pains hard to catch his breath, after ct scan he was diagnosed with several large blood clots on his lungs, he had to stay in 8 days , forgot to mention he had mild pneumonia also , now hes on warfarin the readings are still high 4.5 he is having bloodtests every 2 days, until it comes down, please im worried hes getting chesty again and seems unwell but he wont tell me, he thinks hes indestructible I think he should go see his doc, just incase please any advice I would be grateful.

many thanks..

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Under the circumstances it would be wise to take no chances and see the GP ASAP .


I will thanks dall


Definitely 100% go and see the doctor straight away, always always better safe than sorry. My dad had exactly the same thing x


Great to hear from you again and pleased that you are still using valuable if painful experience to help others. Hope you are well. Peter


hmm! Something is not right Andy.

If your husband is in difficulty then I would take him back to hospital. People who have suffered a P.E. know exactly what it feels like so there's no procrastinating (unlike GP's) get back to the hospital


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