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Pain on inside of knee and locking sensation when attempting to sit on my heals!

Hi, I have recently started skipping. I skipped everyday for about a week for about 30 minutes a day and now the inside part of my knee really hurts when I touch it walk or run. Also since I was young I haven't been able to sit on my heels or get my heels to reach my bottom as I get a awkward feeling of pain and an unstable locking feeling in the back of my knee. I can just about get past 90 degrees until the feeling kicks in.

I thought that I might have a meniscus tear but the pain isn't in where the knee joint meets, it's just bellow on the bone. I'm able to squat without a problem or feeling of pain.

Pls help thank you.

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If you started skipping g for 30 mins a day fro never skipping then it's easily possible that you have caused damage to your kneed. Stop the skipping and ice the area 15 mins on 45 off for as much as you can. Make an appointment with your GP or go straight to a physiotherapist. You will probably need to do stretching and lengthening exercises for your legs before attempting more skipping.

Please don't carry on exercising until someone can assess what's wrong.

Hope you get sorted out soon



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