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How long have I wanted to get in touch? 🤔

Hiya all, I'm not sure where to start. I used to have so much vitality, energy and joi de vie. But a delayed [?botched!] operation in 2011 has left me with chronic pain, pretty debilitating fatigue and my joy has disappeared. I long to have some of the old Tinks back! And I won't give up; on myself; cos that would mean admitting defeat. I have hope that someone soon with get to the bottom of my pain and fatigue.

Thank you for reading this and I sincerely hope this finds you well.

With lots of love and a gentle hug xx

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I know how you feel. I have had two operations which left me with lots of terrible health problems, in many ways worse off, and I now have chronic back and hip pain and struggle daily with fatigue. I feel sometimes like I have lost 10 years of my life. But I have learned a hexx of a lot and now manage to live a meaningful life. I now work to help others with my experience and hours of reading and studying. It all starts with the first step. I started my own business and it is so satisfying to know I am changing lives. How can I help you? Get in touch if you like and message me.


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