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Finally got a name for my back pain

I know this is an RA forum (deja vu - i think I've written that in here before)

but as far as i'm concerned, all of my symptoms are pretty much the same, only real difference is that its only my hands, knees and feet that suffer inflamation, the rest is just excrutiating chronic lifetime pain..

So.. update..

Last time i posted I had

** shoulder impingement, in right shoulder (the impingement in the left shoulder was fixed June 2014 but the so called senior physio screwed it all up two weeks later so the pain is there but the impingement isn't)

** tennis elbow in both arms

** I knew I already had arthritis in my hands, but not what kind..

The update is -

** I have osteo arthritis in all main joints and a few smaller ones

(story about what happened with the rheumy I've either already posted months ago, or will at a later date)

** cervical spondylosis in the back of my neck/top of spine

** In the lower of my back I have Spondylolisthesis

My other part of the post was to ask ...

Am I the only one who is really suffering this week with this weird weather ?

I've hardly been able to move all week and of all the time for my husband to choose for his 'sanity break' (he goes camping a couple of hours away for a few days), he went 6 hours away and has been gone since Tuesday early morning so have been trying to cope alone. I have the utmost respect for any of you who are suffering and live alone !!!

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Hi, Kohai,

I understand your pain and frustration! I am 64 and have had "weird symptoms" since my early 30's. My doctors thought I was making them up, or I was crazy. Finally, I got a diagnosis in 2010 - Neuro-Behcet's disease, it is extremely rare. It is severe inflammation of ALL the blood vessels, large and small. like arthritis of the blood vessels. Not one of my doctors apologized for the way they had treated me! I am telling you this so you know I understand PAIN and doctors that don't!

Your comment about the WEATHER, IS WHAT MADE ME WRITE TO YOU...

Most people with Autoimmune diseases or old injuries, like broken bones, are very sensitive to weather changes, they hurt! But, they don't know why.

I have studied up on it, on my own, because I suffer from it. (I am a patient like you - Not a doctor.) There are a number of studies done by those in the Sciences - About Barometric Pressure and the human body, and PAIN!)

I watch the weather closely, for Temperature or Barometric changes. I know when the Pressure drops - SO DO I! I fell rotten, exhausted and in pain, all over. "I Go Belly Up - in MY RECLINER!"

So, knowing this, I go in to "storm mode, over drive" when a storm is predicted. I get laundry done, meds picked up, cat box changed, and make a pot of CHILI, so I don't have to do anything., except re-heat food. Because I just can't...

Please note: "CHILI ", is in caps. I CRAVE HOT, SPICY food. There is CAPSACISN (spelling?) in CHILIS. It is a natural anti-inflammatory! The have creams for joint pain that has it in the cream. It is from the white membrane of the peppers.

My Mom always said, "Eat what you crave, with in reason. Your body KNOWS what it needs." My body knew I needed an anti-inflammatory substance. I also started drinking coffee, now espresso. (I never drank coffee, I drank TEA).

A doctor told me, "Coffee, Chocolate, and Sugar. Release ENDORPHENS, The "feel good chemical," In our brains. My body and brain are very sick - so I craved those.

I hope this helps you understand WHY you hurt in crazy weather, and what you can do to "prepare ahead", as much as you can. Maybe coffee will help. Ask YOUR doctor.

It does not have to be a actual "Storm", just a Pressure drop, with a big weather change . I live in Central California, it can drop from 110 degrees to 92 degrees - it triggers all my symptoms.

I live alone, just my cat and me. I am divorced, and my family has passed. So yes, It is hard to do it all, with no support system. I do the best I can.

I divorced MY husband after he went "hunting" for a week. I packed his gear bag for him, like always... (Sort of... The Sneaky Blonde way))

When he got home from his week long "Deer hunting trip". He asked, "WHY didn't you pack me any clean underwear?"

I calmly said, "I DID - IT WAS IN YOUR RIFLE CASE." (I dropped that big BOMB!) I knew... He did NOT go hunting, or he would have OPENED THE GUN CASE! I filed for divorce! ( Before that trip, he "went camping", and thought I would NOT SEE the laundry basket come IN with washed, dried and fluff folded clothes... This is a man that does not do laundry like that!Where he SAID he was "camping" - is a "Primitive" camp site. NO laundry for miles!!) I am a former Investigator and know "the signs" - and the tricks to catch them!

I am not suggesting YOUR husband is NOT doing what he says he is going to do, or be where he says he will be.

Mine wasn't! I added it for humor. So, I know what it feels like to be "abandoned" and left to fend for myself, plus take care of others.

I hope this info will help you with some things you asked about. Maybe give you a laugh or two. Also, so you know YOU are NOT ALONE - many of us have your same problems. Feel free to laugh at MINE! I do!!



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I sure hope you are still on this site, as I am new to it. Just wanted to say..."I enjoyed your post from one year ago"! Bless your heart :-) I hope that you are still handling your pain and laughing at life. Thank you for that insight and the laughter! Laughter is healthy for the heart!


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