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Hyperalgesia - How to detox/withdraw from opiates


I have been taking Targinact and Oxycodone for years, along with various other pain medications for CRPS and Fibromyalgia.

Now the Pain Specialist want me to get off these drugs, as they could now be doing more harm than good.  However, I am expected to do this on my own, with no medical intervention.

I have only made modest doseage reductions  and am struggling to reduce them any further due to knock on pain effects.

Yes, I am tolerant and dependent on them and my body is also probably addicted to them.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation where you cannot get help to do this?

Also, can anyone suggest alternative meds to ease me off these medications?

I turned to my local drug detox centre, where I told them that I felt street addicts received more help.  They were unable to help me.

Please help with detox plans, alternative medications or therapies.

Love you guys.

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Sorry I cannot help but good luck


In the same situation right now - the pain clinic wants me using Butrans patches instead of Dihydrocodeine but a 5mg patch which is supposed to last 1 week gave up after 3 days so not great but at that time I was still able to take up to 6 Dihydrocodeine tablets so at least I could control the breakthrough pain. But today, the patch has gone up to a 10mg and no other medication is allowed so cold turkey for me!! I am so scared of doing this but the clinic said it would be better for me!!


I have now successfully stopped my opiates by gradual reduction and using CLONIDINE. I switched from Targinact to Tapentadol and then went down in small doses using oral version.

It wasn't easy. I am now 2 weeks clean, still taking CLONIDINE for withdrawal affects.

Good luck.


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