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Back in the day!! When there was no technology so to speak and we had to entertain ourselves.we played outside for most of the day. Unless there was a western on !! Because for some reason I loved Audie Murphy in the old films. But we played hop scotch, skipping, and used to go off for hours on long walks!! And go home when we were hungry!! I spent hours with a cereal box trying to make a house for my Sindy doll!! My mum couldn't afford barbie as there was 6 of us. What are your favourite tv programmes as a child? And favourite game(s)

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  • At recess we played jump rope , soft ball, tag, Cowboys and Indians , hide and seek many more. Recess never lasted long enough. I taught myself to read because my older cousins would hang out on the porch reading comic books and drinking cokes. I used to dress my brother up in my old clothes and take him on walks and introduce him as my new friend. My Mother would make me play with him so we played house, he was the Dad, and I made him go to work. I guess you could say torturing my brother was a primary game. Pam

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚your poor brother!!

  • Ring around the rosy pocket full of posies ashes ashes we all fall down

  • " My Mother said, I never should, Play with the Gypsies In the wood, If I did she would say, naughty girl to disobey, disobey, disobey, naughty girl to disobey". A hand clapping song Granny taught me. Anyone know how many moves there are in string on hands game of Cats Cradle?. I never got passed two. Now look what you folk have started, I shall be at this meander down the lanes for hours, it will be nursery rhyme reminiscing next!. anne.

  • Hi I had 3 sisters and we played lots of games. I remember Jacks, hopscotch, handstands, hide and seek, skipping, elastic band ropes which a child held each end and you took turns jumping in and out of the middle bit, dolls, reading Enid Blyton (was a huge fan of hers) and so on. Loved the Wooden Tops, Andy Pandy (omg showing my age now). We always watched Rawhide, Bonanza, The High Chapparel, Land of the Giants, Lost in Space. You have got me on a real nostalgia jag now Angep. Thank you. x

  • It's ok to show your age. That way I don't feel all alone LOL.

  • I spent a lot of time alone .. I had my imagination which kept me company but it was a lonely existence. That is why i find it hard to mix now thinking about it. But my imagination was my best friend as it serves me well now :) I am 48 and my fave TV programme was Rainbow. Rod, Jane and Freddy, Geoffrey, Bungle, George and Zippy .. Yes they were my extended family :) I also liked Paint along with Nancy.

  • Ooh I remember rainbow!! 😁 I did like watching that.

  • I have enormous fun now watching the old childhood programmes on the internet. The magic roundabout, Trumpton. Camberwick green, The clangers with soup dragon, are all available on net. They, whoever "they" are, say we didn,t ought to go back , but it,s given me hours of laughter and sneaky pleasure!. anne.

  • Back a little further......I used to run the long country lane to get home in time to huddle next to the radio and listen to Dick Barton Special agent.

  • It's lovely when you can look back to the times that make you smile πŸ˜€

  • You can get many of the old radio programmes now from Amazon ( to re listen to. May be a few hints that Christmas is coming up are a good idea!. x

  • Thank you as I do not get out very much, I use Amazon quite a bit and didn't think of finding programmes there.I did find the theme music that always went with it. My daughters keep asking me for ideas so that would be great.πŸ™‚

  • Do you remember the yoghurt cartons on the string you used to talk down one and listen in the other ? Hahahaha

  • Oh my .... I do πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Now that was technology haha

  • I hope you two aren,t suggesting it didn,t work!. Our technology must have been better in are area. We used baked bean tins and string, and the reception was perfect! x

  • Dennis the menace leave it to beaver and I love lucy

  • Talking of childhood games coughalot, I,ve always been interested in the origins of many of them, some of which date back hundreds of years. Apparently, jacks comes from ancient Greece, except that it was played with tiny sheep bones, leading to another name knucklebones. Blind Mans Bluff was popular way back in the times of the Tudor court. Hopsotch, came from Roman England, where courses were laid out 100ft long by soldiers and scotches or scratches were made. The soldiers then had to complete a test in full armour over the course to show their agility. Ring a ring a rosy dates back to the plague years , when a posy of flowers/herbs to hold at your nose was the only defence against being infected. Atishoo , and ashes we all fall down, speaks for itself unfortunately to the fate of the poor victims!. Sorry, I can bore people silly with useless information ( My friends I often do ....I can tell by the glassy look in their eyes )Well, I find discovering where things originate to be interesting, now the stories behind Nursery rhymes...............

  • And in our " Spare Time " we used to make Dens that only we and our best, best friends knew the location of!( definitely not pesky brothers or sisters) and elaborate passwords and hand signals were required to gain entry. And on occasion the code words had to be shouted out, at the top of your lungs through the secret entrance as your best pal had forgotten it again. And Dens were places to stash food in cases of emergencies like war, or plague, or Great Aunt Angelica visiting from America again. Dens were for squirrelling, vital necessaries like screws and dry socks, pencils and a map in case we ever needed to run away from home, or if our friends needed to run away and we had to hide them. And of course Dens were for stashing sweets!. ( and worrying if there had been a security breech and who may have access to the stash location). But mainly, dens were for lots and lots of sweet stashing, sugar mice, toffee, blackjacks, sweet cigarettes!! (( oh I was so sophisticated) , and wine gums which I was convinced were made using real alcohol. There was freddie the frog and gummy anythings!. little chocolate mice, brown, white and pink, While the big girls ate coconut ice and Turkish delight. And the yearly joy that meant Cadbury cream Eggs!. Who started this post anyway?. Ah yes, it would appear that you are the guilty party Angep!. YUMMY. anne. x x

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