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Can anxiety cause weight loss?

I was in hospital yesterday because I've been having bloating and moderate upper abdominal pain for a few weeks. I'm currently taking omeprazole, as the doctor said it is possible that I have either stomach ulcer, gastritis, or dyspepsia.

After a few weeks, I'm still getting pain on and off. Stools are fine. Had black specks on and off and was tested for anaemia. My blood is fine.

During yesterdays visit, I had severe abdominal pain, heavy head, fatigue, and loss of weight. I had three samples done and was told that all blood samples are shown as normal.

I had an abdominal ultrasound and x-rays. No abnormalities recorded.

I get constant bloating, and felt full from little amounts of food. Still feel bloated, but no loss of appetite at the moment. Passing stools is 1-3 times daily.

I drink lots of water and changed my diet a little.

At the moment, I have bloating, fatigue, and have lost quite a bit of weight.

I asked about cancers, but the doctor said that I shouldn't worry about it, after my blood tests and blood sugar were normal. Urine sample was normal, and stool sample for H. plyori was normal.

Does anyone know if anxiety, even though I have good appetite, is causing my weight loss? I get pain in the abdomen now and again. I have lost most weight on my arms.

Thanks. :-)

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Hello. I found various articles relating to anxiety and weigh loss. Here is one from the Calm Clinic, a resource for anxiety and stress-

How Anxiety may Cause Weight Loss

We're all different and unique individuals, and sometimes this uniqueness makes it harder to find a universal solution for our problems. For example, many people who suffer from anxiety disorder tend to feel worried because anxiousness seems to induce binge eating, which makes them gain weight at alarming rates; other anxiety sufferers feel their problem entirely destroys their appetite, which induces unwanted and drastic weight loss. If you're concerned with the latter scenario, this article will help you understand the workings of anxiety, as well as providing some perspective on what you have to do to change your life for the best.

You should begin by checking with your doctor to know if there may be other causes besides anxiety that might explain your weight loss. If your test results come back negative, then you'll know where to focus all your efforts: towards managing your stress.

This is something you can do by following three main courses of action; you need to get regular physical exercise, you have to find new hobbies and way to relax, and you have to make some changes to your diet and nutrition.

Taking magnesium supplements can be a good idea, since magnesium deficiency is widely known as a cause of anxiety and depression. Additionally, you should avoid drinking coffee and eating refined sugars; try drinking teas instead, especially relaxing teas such as chamomile, kava kava and hypericon (St. John's Wort).

If your anxiety has been supporting your weight loss for a while, you may feel as though you lack the energy to commit to a regular workout program. If that's the case, you just need to start slow (walking 30 minutes per day, for example), and gradually increase the amount of physical exercise you get each week.

It may sound contradictory, but getting more exercise can do wonders towards improving your appetite, and it will simultaneously help flush the excess adrenaline and toxins from your body (which are actually contributing to increase your stress). In a matter of months, getting regular exercise won't just improve your physical health, but your psychological well-being will increase as well.

Many people who suffer from anxiety and experience weight loss report that eating simply isn't an option, at certain times in the day. As much as they try, they simply cannot force themselves to eat when feeling stressed. If this is something you can relate with, you should also try doing meditation or yoga.

These activities can be extremely helpful in terms of stress management, and they will have a positive effect on your well-being if you practice them regularly. Remember, just focus on treating your anxiety and sooner than you know it, weight loss will no longer be a problem.

Understanding your anxiety and its probable causes is crucial, because it gives you a starting point – a steady ground from which you can build toward your well-being.

I hope this helps a bit. Feel better soon!!!


Thanks for the information. My appetite is big, but I'm still losing weight.


hey just wondering if you figured out what was wrong? the a act sane thing is happening to me and all tests are normal. hope you see this cuz I'm so worried