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Dry Eyes due to Stevens Johnson Syndrome

I am concerned about a very poor male patient of about 12 years of age, lives in Pakistan. His name is Humza. I have no relation with this boy. Just saw on a TV channel that how he was spending his life in pain and agony at the time, when he was supposed to go to the school for studies, play with his friends in grounds etc.

Humza had measles in 2007-08 and at the time of treatment, due to a reaction of some drug, he contracted Steven Johnsons Syndrome. Later he was treated to be cured from SJS but unfortunately his eyes lost the natural tears and Humza remained extremely Photophobic with “Acute Dry Eyes” and “Lustreless Cornea”.

Humza is being treated with artificial tears/lubricants, which have to be administrated to him by his mother after every 15 to 20 minutes. To keep his eyes far away from the threat of further dryness, he needs a permanent attendant with him all the times, even when sleeping. Due to his problem Humza is not able to attend his school for the last 2 years or so. It’s really very painful to hear that his mother has to keep herself wake most of the times even in nights when he is sleeping, to put the drops in his eyes.

Humza's video clip is available at the following link. Sorry, its in his mother language i.e; Urdu language (a national language on Pakistan):


I am not a doctor so can’t go in further details. As I mentioned you earlier that the young boy belonged to a very poor family, I and my friends have made a community platform to help this very deserving case.

There is no treatment of Tear ducts available in Pakistan. Can anybody please help in this regard by telling us that we can do something in making Humza’s life normal or at least the quality of life could be made better with some sort of surgery etc? Is there any treatment of Dry Eyes (due to SJS) anywhere in the world?

If we could help Humza and make him able to go to school and continue his studies, we can probably safe not, only a life of one person but can safe a whole family. This deserving boy may become a doctor, an engineer, a scientist or a teacher in future.

I hope that you will give us proper guidance & fruitful advice with a prompt response.

Thanking you!

Yours truly,

Nasir Zaidi