The dreaded " T "

The dreaded " T "

Hi folks I'm new to this forum a tinnitus sufferer since 2015, I was enjoying a break in Llandudno sitting by the hotel window relaxing watching and listening to the sea, several hours later having lunch several miles inland I suddenly realised I could still hear the sea that was the start of T had all the usual tests MRI scan etc. I don't think there is much to be done apart from self help, I have just started practising yoga, we will see how that goes. Today 7/2/17.a article in the Daily Mail suggests bright coloured lights have had some success just ordered a colour changing light of amazon, Try anything! you have nothing to lose.

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  • Welcome to the BTA community.

    Tinnitus and relaxation go well together to help keep stress down and stay calm.

    The coloured lights are good for migraines and do have a relaxing feeling so that alone is positive.

    Hope it's beneficial in helping tinnitus and only time will tell and trying it for each individual.

    Keep us posted if it helps you....

    Yoga is lovely and relaxing....

    I have a Himalayan Salt lamp that I find helpful and really bright and uplifting...lots of love glynis

  • Hi sammi .

    I have only been diagnosed in the last few weeks. Just had scans etc today with results on Thursday, will be interesting to see if the lights help you. At the minute I would move heaven and earth for help. Very difficult as a newbie, just taking every day as it comes. Some days are better than others. Sleeping is the issue for me at the minute, can't seem to find my niche to aid sleep, bought all sorts to help but not found the right thing yet but I'll keep at it. Good luck with the light.


  • Hi Dave,

    You would find a low dose AD helpful for sleep long term and not enough for depression so it's really low....

    Your entitled to a good nights sleep so if over the counter meds or melatonin does not work I would consider it....lots of love glynis

  • Thanks Glynis.

    I have booked an emergency appointment with my doctor regarding this. Will keep you all updated.

    Dave x

  • Hi Dave sorry to hear of your struggle with sleeping, In the early days I would tune the radio to bbc radio 4 really low volume and have my sound machine on white noise but tune it to just below your T level, I know its not easy but try not to panic, focus your mind elsewhere if you can, I will let you know how the coloured lights go.

    All the best keep on punching.


  • Yes, a good night's sleep is the first step to dealing with T. I have had it for 2 years now and like you I had no sleep for days and days. My doc put me on zopiclone and also the anti-anxiety med Mirtazapine which I took for a short time. I have had a sound oasis machine by my bed too which helps with a good night of sleep. Angela xx

  • Hi Sammi, tinnitus comes in very strange ways - being near the sea is supposed to be relaxing! You are on the right forum for help and support and keep us posted about the colour changing light. Just a thought- perhaps specs with tinted lenses may help, wouldn't that be wonderful. Angela xx

  • Hi Angela, As Glynis mentioned earlier the coloured light treatment has been used for migraine sufferers and several who also have T have reported a significant reduction in their T after this treatment, This has prompted Leicester university hospitals to pilot a trial of the effect it may have on T.

    Fingers crossed and keep on punching.


  • Thanks for the info Sammie. Leicester has a good reputation for research, so fingers crossed. All those very clever people should , one day, be able to quieten our T. Love, Angela xx

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