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Hi! I'm Ashley - a wife, mother of two kiddos (ages 2 and 4), and a teacher. I haven't taught in three years since my melanoma journey began. I was pregnant with my son at the time and found out I was Stage IV following his birth. I've been NED since November 2015 following the Ipi-Nivo trial. I live in North Dakota but go all the way to Texas to doctor at MD Anderson. I used this "time off" to stay home with my babies, finish graduate school, and kick cancer's butt! However, I'm excited to be going back to school in the fall!

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Welcome, Ashley! We're glad you joined us! :)


Hi Ashley,

I can appreciate the travel for treatment. I travel from Las Vegas to Los Angeles just for scans!

We used to take long weekends and drive down, but I have found turn around trips flying down are much easier.

I was just over half way through my masters program when I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma. I now have my Masters Degree in Applied Computer Science. I took the summer semester I was signed up for off so I could focus on treatment. Ironically, my enucleation surgery was the first week of the start of Fall semester!I Signed up for an ADA accommodation but I didn't need it.

Are you getting a Masters in Education? Maybe an EdD next? :)

I have thought about going back but would rather enjoy life.


Oh man, I can definitely relate to traveling for treatment. I live in Montana and ended up traveling to Florida for my surgeries since most of my family lives there. Luckily my mom lives about 20 minutes from a Mayo Clinic so that was where I ended up. Even now, each of my follow up dermatologist appointments are about 2 1/2 hours away so even a quick skin check turns into a full day off of work.

Where in North Dakota are you? My husband travels back and forth for work from here to Williston/Watford City/Tioga/Dickinson. We lived in Williston and then Watford City for awhile before finding home here in Montana.


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