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Xeroderma Pigmentosum UK

XP: Wrap around sunglasses


I hope that this information is useful to others.

I managed to find an excellent pair of sunglasses for my 16year old son who has XP.

It is shocking that even after visiting ophthalmologists and opticians the best they could recommend for UV eye protection were spectacles which looked like standard spectacles with UV protection. On top of this it would take them weeks to get them and they would mumble about the high cost of the glasses. Even after all this the glasses would not block all the sunlight

Out of frustration I checked online and finally found an excellent pair. I had these pair tested by an ophthalmologist who was surprised how effective they were and cheap. The best he could provide were over £100 and not wrap arounds within that bracket and the ones I ordered online were under £15!

Following advantages of these glasses:

* They wrap around

* UV 400 protection and wind protection

* Soft foam that sits around the eyes to block light

* lens are interchangeable

* look good

* many other benefits

My son wears them when he goes out including in school with the clear lens.

I purchased them through an app on my mobile phone called Geek


Or in the app search option type Outdoor UV400 Protection glasses.

Please note that they are for adults however my son has been using these sunglasses from the age of 11.

The support group who throughout have helped my son and family are excellent:

XP support Group / Teddington trust



Hope this helps


Mohammed Ajaib