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World According to Lupus
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Stay at home mom with lupus

Hi everyone I am in so much pain for the past three days I can't breed my right side when I touch my ribs it's feels like someone had punched me it's so painful it hurts when I breathe when I laugh when I walk when I try to pick up my babies and when I sleep and I don't want to go to the emergency room I have no one to watch My kids plus I can barely get them ready my husband is at work all day I feel bad to ask for help I was wondering if anyone had gone through this so far I am taking steroid medication and advice have a Profen things like that aspirin ... I am honestly miserable mother I just want to give my kids a good time one day

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How are you doing now? Hope you are feeling better.


1. Your kids are really cute! I am not a mother myself or ever plan to be given my medical condition but I see how you want what's best for them. I am not sure exactly how your family dynamics are but it looks like you need some help. I am not sure how you can get that help but know this: Your kids want a healthy mom, a healthy mom can provide the most for her kids, a mom that does not get better today will be lacking mommy duties that her kids not only need today, but also in the future. My advice to you is to find a way to get better, steroids is only a temporary fix, it is not meant to be used long-term and it actually has bad side effects. People usually have anger issues on the drug and this can come out on your own kids. I am not familiar with the other drugs that you are taking, I take a baby aspirin on a daily basis, and for pain relief I used Tylenol because it does not affect kidneys. Every body is different, I suggest consulting your doctor and a good Rheumatologist about all your symptoms and moving forward with them. Your kids will thank you in the future. I guarantee that they want a healthy mom even though that they are too young to understand right now.

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Have you taken any medication for nerve pain? You may have fibromyalgia as well...i get the pain in my ribs as well and I never know if it's lupus or fibromyalgia I was diagnosed with both.

I wish you the best .i feel for you not being able to pick up your babies