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Thick womb lining with fluid

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Hi any help/advice would be much appreciated. I had an ultra sound scan yesterday and the lining of my womb is very thick with fluid in it. This was a private scan as I have been fobbed off and messed about by the NHS. I'm 45 and have a heavy achy feeling along with near permanent bleeding for 4 weeks. I'm now anaemic. I have a GP appointment tomorrow so wondered if anyone could tell me the process. Do I need a biopsy? I'm worried as I've know for a few months something wasn't right. 😞

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Hello, I am so very sorry for not replying sooner. How did things turn out?

So very sorry that you ended up having to go private due to being messed about by the NHS. Sadly quite a few younger ladies are taking that route due to the lack of understanding in the NHS that pre menopausal women can get womb cancer. They seem to think that only older women get it yet we know that's not true as I am aware of young ladies of 19 who have been diagnosed.

Please let us know how you got on. xx