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I'm new here and dont know where to start!

My 84 year old mother is suffering from terminal cancer, 2ndry cancer, which has spread all over her body. She currently lives in America but as she is now bankrupt she wants to return to the UK, to live with me in Seaview. She is a British citizen. I currently work during the week in London but spend my weekends on the island. lm not registered with a dr on the island, only in London. Can anyone advise how I start trying to work out what treatment would be available to her on the NHS and when she could start this treatment. She currently receives Taxol every three weeks. She has no funds at all for medicine, travel etc her only option is to live in my house where I can feed and care for her. I just dont know where to begin to get support for her or me.

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Hi Claudia, firstly, I'm really sorry to hear about your Mum. I can appreciate how hard it is being based in the UK, whilst Mum is in the States.

Your Mum is taking Taxol (Paclitaxel), you say, I'm fairly confident that this is used here in the UK for Breast and Ovarian cancer among others.

Firstly, I would suggest you register yourself with a GP on the Island - this would give you access to a surgery for your mother. In the meantime, I would make an appointment with your GP in London to explain your circumstances. They should be able to advise on what course of treatment would be open to Mum if she were to return here. It would also register the stress that you are currently under, if you needed to take some time out of work.

I would also speak to the CAB as another first port of call.

Does your Mum have any debts that need attention before returning (i.e - medical), does she have property to sell? (guessing not as you say she is bankrupt). I think you should speak to her clinical team too - find out can she travel and if so, what needs to be taken into consideration for the journey, will she need specialist care on the flight for example and what the cost implications might be?

I would suggest you make a list of the things you need to find out, don't forget, Mum can access information too from her side, but appreciate the confusion and stress that she will be in too.

Finally, I would like to signpost you to our Support Centre on the IOW, it is based in Lugley Street, Newport. The centre is open Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 4pm. They are there to support anyone affected by a diagnosis of cancer. It is supported by counselling and therapeutic staff and a wonderful band of trained volunteers, called befrienders. Now I know you say you are working in London, but you can have a chat with them over the phone. Its really important that you think about yourself too at this tough time and talking to the team at the centre may alleviate some of that stress. When Mum does come home, she can be supported by them too.

Keep in touch Claudia.

Kind regards



One other quick thing Claudia, is why not try contacting the British Embassy in London?