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Happy orthodox easter!


Today is orthodox easter - which I know because I went to an Ethiopian restaurant for lunch yesterday and the staff told me :)

Here's a picture of the lovely lentil and vegetable soup I had - Ethiopian cuisine is fantastic for vegans, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church has many fasting days when meat is proscribed, so lots of vegan dishes have been developed for then.

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Hi Ben, a lovely looking soup you have there too and this is really interesting so here's a link about Fasika:


Being a coeliac I'm interested in many foods that I can eat from around the world and I find other diets and cultures fascinating.

benwlVolunteer in reply to Jerry

Can you eat 'teff'?

I'd love to try making the fermented injera from it but it looks complicated

Jerry in reply to benwl

Hi Ben,

Yes I can eat teff and have had some bread with just teff and it was a really nice brown bread, I fancy making some gf sourdough bread soon too.


Very rarely do I say something looks amazing. But this looks amazing.

Yours very jealous.

benwlVolunteer in reply to andyswarbs

Thanks - it was amazing :)

The basic ingredients seemed to be lentils, onion, carrots and celery, but the magic must have been in the stock and the spices. And i suspect it may have had more oil than i'd have used myself. I have invested in a few Ethiopian cooking books to try and discover the secrets :)

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