Hi all! Is this mold making me sick?? Just diagnosed with mold allergy!

Hi all! Is this mold making me sick?? Just diagnosed with mold allergy!

Hi all! Well this year is the first time its trained I'm my area in like 5 yrs and it just so happens this winter i developed some pretty severe allergies, now so far I've only had the outdoor test but it showed 2things I'm allergic to one severe one being mold, Well today we discovered all the stuff we put on our patio (some things were meant too be tossed and were forgotten) were COVERED in a black looking mold!! And for 3 months i have been really sick, trying desperately to figure out whats wrong with me, funky lab results and so many physical and mental symptoms that i thought i was going crazy! Nothing was making me feel better and i was most sick in the room i reside in, which is AT the back patio!! We have no ac so we have to open the door some or we will surely suffocate and overheat, we threw away mostly everything until there was no room left and i feel a bit better, could this mold have been making me feel extremely ill?? That's my allergy test btw!

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  • Hi Inmyfeels29.

    Good morning from UK!

    NOW, it seems, you are starting to get somewhere!!! GREAT NEWS! WELL DONE!!!

    Isn't it so helpful when we make a break-through and get a diagnosis?

    So glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Thanks for posting update.

    Did you get your urgent appointment to see Kidney Specialist yet?

    NO, you are not going crazy, (although -it sure makes us wonder sometimes!)

    You are physically ill.

    And now you are on the right route to seeing specialists and getting fully diagnosed.

    Hope your health keeps on improving.

    Thinking of you.

    xxx Mary

  • Thank you sweet mary! I got the referral Saturday for the kidney specialist and gaff to make many phone calls in the morning, yes i feel i am finally getting somewhere, toxic mold aint noooo joke! Yes i started feeling better within 5 minutes, i started smiling, laughing, and i finally put siren my inhaler! Now to seek a proper treatment! Thank you so much for your support sweetie! Will update soon! Many loves!

  • Yes, allergies are definitely good at making us feel like crap (not to be too blunt - ha ha). While you are cleaning and clearing, don't forget the carpets, walls, curtains, etc. - AND your ventilation system. It can get into all of those areas... Glad you are feeling better though